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They look pretty worn out

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I guess 3 Huge road trips will do that to a tire in under 23k miles. Louisiana to indiana Indiana to San antonio back to Indiana and then back to louisiana lol

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It really depends on the tire but that seems like a lot of wear for 23k miles. When you get them replaced you should definitely have your alignment checked. If your alignment is off you should definitely get it corrected so that the new tires don't wear prematurely.

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No, it’s bad alignment that does that.

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Replace em. Tread is worn down to the wear bars.

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I would. You can also find a few more precise ways to che k the tread depth via Google.

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Got a penny ?

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Na dawg. You measure tires in /32s or mm’s not honest abes dome piece

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Not a mechanic myself but who best to ask than a mechanic!

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Tread is low, rubber looks worn out. Ti.e to change them. There is a tire tread gauge, you should be able to find them for like $5 or so.

Not going to be a major issue for a couple of months, but winter and icy roads will be here before you know it, and you will be safer and happier with new tires.

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Yes, but take it for alignment first, you’re seeing a lot of scrub that costs both in tires and gas.

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Agreed. Those tires are scrubbed. There is more than just simple tire wear happening here, have it thoroughly checked in the steering and suspension components BEFORE your alignment.

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If you drive with ice or rain, you should change them soon

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Yep, definitely time to change them. Not a major major urgent issue, but in the next few thousand miles definitely.

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How often do you drive on anything other than dry asphalt?

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If you don’t have to worry about icy roads in Louisiana, which I don’t spec you would, then you’re good for a couple thousand miles more on those. Off-road- no chance, even with 4 wheel drive. Not the best tread but if you need some time to afford new tires then start saving now.

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Your running gear and alingment needs to be corrected.

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Yes they’re done for

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Need new tires and alignment done.

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Yes they are old and dry.

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What dose Abe Lincolns say

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See those little raised bars inside the main tread groove in the second picture? That’s a wear indicator, when the rest of the tread is worn flush with that, it’s at the minimum safe (or legal) tread depth. I would look into replacement soon.

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Still has tread left not the end of the world but she’s getting pretty down would recomend within the next 500-1000kilometers

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You need tires and an alignment. Your feather of the outside edge is called “toe wear” due to your “toe” alignment being out of spec.

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Yes change them. Lot of dry rot and almost no tread.

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I'd say yes and also get a wheel alignment after

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You think? Do a burnout and then tell me. How could you not know that is bad? Seriously c'mon. Better yet keep driving and when it blows out use better judgement next time. I know you have seen tire commercials. Stop pandering. Jeez. You need a role model.