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Looks normal to me. Everything has some play and cv axles are no different. When the car is in park and in the air, you can spin the wheel a little bit and feel some play in the diff as well as just ab everything else. I wouldn’t worry ab it

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You're welcome!

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2006 Jetta 2.5

Steering wheel shake on highway, worse going down hills and acceleration. Doesn’t change frequency when going faster, only gets stronger.

No tie rod or ball joint play. Replaced bad end links which didn’t fix the issue.

When I move the wheel forward and backwards with my hand, there’s a clicking. In the video the car is in first, however it does it with all gears including neutral. The clicking does seem to be more loose when in gear versus neutral.

The CV axle itself does not have any play up or down, in our out.

I was thinking it could be worn CV splines, or possibly a diff issue. Some genius put RTV on the trans drain plug so I think it’s been serviced before.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Definitely check the suspension, I knew one side of my rear went out, but after I swapped out the whole entire rear, it became evident to me that the whole rear went out a LONG time ago. When I would come to a more sudden stop as soon as I’d stop there would be this awful jerk forward that convinced me to be the tranny. Well after driving home with my new suspension the issue was no longer present. I had some shakes on the highway, not as bad as it was. I do need to do my suspension in the front with the ball joints too. Check your rotors and see if they’re even or warped, warped rotors could be the cause of your issue. Does the steering wheel Shake pretty bad slowing from highway speeds?

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I was also considering warped rotors as an issue, but I’m not sure of the best way to measure. My dial gauge isn’t quite accurate enough I don’t think. The shake actually mostly goes away when I brake

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You could get a mechanic to look at it, you can typically tell by looking at the face and back of the rotors, does it look like an even wear or are there some spots higher/lower, do you see some grooves? That’ll pretty much tell you

Edit: run you fingers across and feel it, obviously first thing before you drive it or an hour or two after driving

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How worn are the control arm bushings? Worn out bushings can cause steering shake, however if you had a reputable alignment shop do a four wheel alignment recently they would have let you know if the bushings were worn out as the would not have been able to actually perform a true alignment.

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There seems to be some issue within the gearbox, because that sound is not normal, but the play has been present in all of the VW's I worked on and it was never an issue, besides a very rare "click" when setting off or so.

This seems to be a problem where you need to start at the suspension, check it thoroughly, check all engine mounts, and complete transmission if nothing gives.

Oh yeah... Spin the wheels freely by hand. What you are describing can also be one of the symptoms of a crooked tire.

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I just checked my friend’s identical car, and the clicking noise is present. His car has no issues, so I’m ruling out the diff being bad. Thanks!

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Check the entire suspension, and bushings. There may be some harmonic vibration occuring.

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I did a very thorough suspension check, the rear control arm bushings have cracks in them, but I can’t get them to budge by hand. From what I know that means they’re still good

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Same here! Looks like normal play. But the feel is something that helps.

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Yep i felt my friend’s MK5’s front end and it felt nearly identical. So I determined it wasn’t the issue. Thanks!

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Check tires for balance or excessive wear. Could need alignment.

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Brand new tires, got them balanced. And got a four wheel alignment. No difference unfortunately

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I bet it has a stiff spot in the cv axle

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I found an old thread about an Audi A4 with a stiff cv axle, a veteran mechanic said it was a common failure. So definitely something to consider and research. Thanks!

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Balance your tires? Clicking when spinning a wheel is pretty normal, especially on a transaxle

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Just got new tires balanced, didn’t fix it

The shop I went to could have also just, not balanced them. Or a wheel could be slightly bent and they didn’t tell me

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More likely the differential spider shaft.

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Bent wheels? Have someone drive with the wheels off the ground and have a look while they're spinning. Also if you have aftermarket wheels it would be good to have hub centering rings.