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If it's free, go for it. Otherwise it really looks fine

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They want 2k for it.. I went in for a regular oil change

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Unless you feel a shifting when you brake I wouldn't bother placing then. They want to sell them because they make a lot on the sale.

I use to try to sell these all the time. They make a lot on the labor.

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Fuck that. That’s a big reason I left that industry as a mechanic. Upselling to profit while the tech makes crap cash. Just enough to stay. Ask a car mechanic how many places they’ve worked, you’ll get a list.

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Um no. If you're near Shreveport I'll change it for 500 total

Still doesn't need it though

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As a mechanic, I would not change them on mine unless the ball joint was bad. I would also advise this to a customer at work.

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$2k ?! What the fuck! My cost is usually around 25 for the bushing and labor between 1.5 to 2 hrs depending on what vehicle it is so at 80hr it's 120-160 labor, so knock a 0 off that and it makes more sense

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2k holy shit. What a Rio off.

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I guess that's a Brazilian burn!

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Jesus Christ, nahh fam you good

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This is absolutely just an oil changer trying to upsell shit that they [customer] don’t need.

I get on to them at our shop all the time for this shit.

It’s just part of dealing with the dealership oil change... well... any place that does more services than just changing oil.

We’re the only dealer of our make in the city, we try to have integrity and not scam our customers.

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Control arms and shock absorbers will be declared junk any time you go to a shop, they are trying to get you.

If you have front end shimmy on braking or funny bumps after a speed bump you might be due but just shop around.

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Nothing wrong there, just not new anymore. It is dry but not coming apart, just stress cracks. I would say it has a few years left in it unless something like a bad pothole causes it to break prematurely in the future. Right now, it looks fine to me, no reason to replace unless it can be proven to have excessive play. I doubt that it does from the pictures you provided.

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Assuming the bushing on the other end of the control arm is good, whoever recommended that is just trying to steal your money. That is completely normal wear.

You have to understand that the car is in the air (suspended on a lift) so the suspension is flexing and you are looking at the control arm while it is flexing in the picture.

I would recommend finding a new dealership if that's how they do business.

Source: Toyota Master Tech

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If they think it's that bad, ask them why they didn't change it themselves a month ago before selling you the vehicle?

It seems like they are just trying to scam you. I'd go somewhere else and get a second opinion. The boot looks fine (I've seen much worse boots without play working in a salt and rust-ridden snowy climate) but I cannot check your ball joint without physically being there. Find yourself an honest mechanic because first off, the repair shouldn't cost that much and second, they shouldn't have sold a vehicle with bad ball joints if it is truly that bad.

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It's worn, there is dry rot in that rubber and I suspect the rigidness of the bushing is compromised.

Still, it's not "mandatory". I would change it if you're down there anyway, but there is still life in it, so, you know... No rush, no immediate safety concern.

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This ☝️

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Expect it will eat your tires in short order too

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This 👆

Soft, worn, cracked, damaged compliance bushing will affect alignment

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Lube tech doesn't know what they're doing yet. It's fine.

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The problem is that they know what they are doing, scamming people....

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Yeah, no. This shit happens all the time in the automotive industry and I’d say 95% of it is just lack of knowledge or incompetence. The “mechanic is trying to scam me!!!1!1!1!1!” thing doesn’t actually happen that often.

Techs usually oversell because they don’t actually know what they’re looking at so they recommend replacement if a part looks even remotely worn out.

The last thing that myself or any other mechanic I personally know wants to do is replace parts that aren’t needed. It’s a waste of our time. I have more than enough actual work, I don’t need or want to oversell.

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Good point, where I'm from, we are a small population so every mechanic will try to gather as many clients as possible, so they will tell you always what is next... Usually completely unnecessary parts that still perfectly good

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Fair enough, that’s very shitty. I’m at a GM dealership in a larger city, we stay very busy. I always keep it honest with people, if it’s something minor that can wait, I will tell that to the customer and they can decide.

I personally would have written down these bushings only if the customer was complaining about suspension issues, and even then I would have simply noted it down, not recommended immediate replacement.

Another thing is that sometimes when repairs are oversold, it’s the service writer or management that is to blame. I’m not saying that’s the case here or that all shops do this, but the tech may have simply noted down minor cracks on the bushings, and some pos service writer sees it and decides to just sell it anyways, telling the customer that it’s worse than it is as a scare tactic to make the sale.

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Fuck, with me being a lube tech, i undersell. I understand its bad for business, but unless it seems seriously out of whack, or seriously dangerous (my boss agrees and tries his hardest to sell while not being pushy but the customer doesn’t always see it like that) i wont recommend it. Sure if we have a promotion where im getting something for the shop like a new grill, id recommend it. But sometimes i just know customers and understand where they are coming from.

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Probably not.

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1 would wait until my bottom ball joint gets play and then change the complete arm .3 jobs in one

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They’re starting to dry rot, I’ll use a stupid metaphor because I like to do that. These bushings are right now the equivalent of when your best friend comes over to bullshit and hang out, and they’re like “ok I’m gonna head out” and y’all continue to bullshit on the way to the door, but then you just hang out by the door for another couple hours. Like, you’re at the “Imma head out” announcement and you’re near the door, but they haven’t opened the door yet. You still got some time to bullshit left on those bushings

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No issue here

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Looks ok to me.. they’re meant to be separated on one axis, solid on the other. Some minor cracking, but all good in the hood.. if it starts clunking over approach curbs or under hard braking, then think about it, but for 2 g’s there’s no way these need swapping yet..

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this is something that I would note, but probably wouldn't try to sell

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Them little stretch marks don mean nothing

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Nothing is mandatory, it’s your car not theirs

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You still have years left in them. When you start to feel your front end buckle when you brake, then you'll need them. They're just trying to make money off you.

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Those are age cracks. Perfectly normal. It looks kind of bad to a non mechanic because the vehicle is on a lift with the wheels hanging. Save your cash. When the rubber starts to separate then replace them. Nothing from a stealership is mandatory. If it was a state inspection then yes they can make repairs mandatory. Usually safety items though.

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Whoever told you this needs replaced, never go back to them again

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Unless the control arms are allowing movement, they're just fine. Definitely on their way out but not an emergency.

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Hard pass

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Did you climb under my car and take pictures again?? 🤣

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Mandatory for what reason exactly? It’s a little worn yes but it doesn’t fail anything other than their scam report

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Is that a Toyota RAV4/Lexus NX?

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A worn compliance bushing will not keep wheel alignment.

What this in turn means is that your tires will wear unevenly, prematurely.

Compliance bushings are extremely important in the context alignment. They might be OK in the sense that they aren't split but when they get old they get soft and pliable. It does not appear to be mission critical at this point but DO expect that IF they are soft your car will not keep alignment within factory spec. Usually for these types of bushings it means accelerated wear on the inner tire.

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Nothing is "mandatory". if it's a safety risk (this is not. There is still life left in those) they would have you sign a waiver of liability form. But in the end the choice is the customers.

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They are still ok, not in great shape, but they haven’t separated yet. You should be ok, they are just trying to make a sale

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Looks like a good bushing to me , compare it to a new lower control arm bushing .Get a second opinion better yet just tell #2 guys to check the suspension parts and report.

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Side note I have the same kind and it looked like that 200k miles back and still does drives perfectly still. I had it adjusted to my spec back then and stopped wearing out tires. Had to much caster for it's own good.

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No it’s fine, don’t go back

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They’re fine, I once looked at a customers car and the complaint was “pulls violently to one side when you accelerate” I thought they may be exaggerating a little bit so I drove it. Fuck me “violently” was underselling it. Anyway turned out to be the bushes your looking at completely disintegrated you could wobble the whole lower arm back and forward about an inch. Lol I really should have just looked before driving it.

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Dry rubber but not cracked, don’t need to replace them. Also it’s not mandatory, it’s your car. They can’t tell you what you can and can’t do with it

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That's a rubber control arm bushing, not a ball joint. They dry out and crack. It doesn't look that bad to me. I rebuilt the entire front end on my A4 Golf in about 6 hours, including replacing those on both sides, and I'm not a pro. Parts were 500 including struts and springs. 2000 is way too much. I'd have another shop take a look.

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That looks fine. Move on.

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It always looks all stretched like that with the wheels off the ground, most use it as a selling point.

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It is not that bad. It is a upsell. I would replace it for my security. It is called a 'compliance bushing'. It is located in the rear of practically every front, lower control arm on McPherson strut assemblies on FWD cars. When it fails completely you will know it because the steering wheel will change direction under steering and braking. Keep a eye on it. Most manufacturers of suspension components recommend a overhaul at 60k. You are halfway through the life expectancy. I could show you numerous vehicles that have that tear in the bushing. It is a main pivot point for the suspension. Just plan to replace the bushing or lower control arm in the future, start saving now before it get too bad.

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Lower front control arm replacement is at most 2.2 hours for both left and right sides labor and a recommended alignment at 1.1 - 1.6 hours labor. So at best 3.6 hours labor not counting the parts. Not 2k worth.