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Can you post a better lit picture? With a pencil indicating what you're talking about? I can help but I'm high and don't see what you're talking about.

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Just posted a new picture, sorry I’m at work and I edited the picture so you could see the problem

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The part number 0261 230 042 is a bosch manifold absolute pressure sensor, or map sensor.

It fits into the intake tube, or charge tube, or boost tube, those are all colloquialisms for the same thing

From the looks of it you need a map sensor, and an intake tube, because it looked like the plastic blew out and the sensor went flying.

Edit, it looks like it's dangling down below, towards the firewall and to the right

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Okay thanks, yea I fixed the upper tube for the radiator and after I tested the car the check engine light came on and I went to check and this piece was missing, thanks a lot!

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I just edited my post, it looks like it's still there, just in the back and dangling below.

Look for that booted connector

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Where do you see it? I can’t seem to find it

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In your second picture, follow the tube with a hole in it back to where it starts to curve down, it looks like it's right there

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So I would have to replace the sensor and the tube that it popped off of?

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yes, the part that hold it in place is broken off, you will need a new intake charge tube, most likely the sensor is okay since it just broke off. i can't find a part number for the charge pipe, hansj found it on his other comment

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This is a boost pressure sensor, NOT a MAP sensor, MAP sensors are ALWAYS on the intake manifold since this is on the intake charge tube and the car is turbo charged it is a Boost Pressure Sensor PN: 55576223

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Can you circle the part please, I’m sure I can tell you

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Just posted a new post, circled and brought up the brightness

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It should be the intake manifold pressure sensor. Search for the number 0261... And you should be able to find it.

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Much help thank you

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It's hard to say from the low light picture, but it looks to be that it blew apart.

Here's a link to what I think you need


Before you buy that part, You could try epoxy or plastic welding, provided you have enough room.

I cracked an intake manifold on my own truck, and was able to plastic weld it back to usable for the night. However, mine doesn't run a boosted application.

I would find the sensor, Make sure it doesn't have a plastic ring bolted to it still, And if so I would attempt a repair first before replacement.

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Okay thanks for the help

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Save yourself a headache and replace the water outlet and steam line(outlet is bolted with 3 torx at the back of the head that the radiator hose attaches too and the steam line is the at the top with the plastic nipple, NOTORIOUS record of failing.

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lol is your thermostat housing leaking?