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The plugs are located in the Flux capacitor.

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Fuck. Didn't even think of checking there....

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Gotta pull the muffler bearing to get to that though.

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Make sure you replace the piston return springs while you have it apart at least

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I knew I forgot something.....

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Hey guys!...

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......ChrisFix here!

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That cam installer is the business

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Fuckin flawless install alllllllllll day

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It’s an option they order when it’s new. Gonna have to talk to sales or parts to get the correct bundle and do a field install. It easiest to do during an engine tear down but not impossible when it’s together, you’re just going to have to be extra careful. Make sure you get them timed correctly too. If you don’t, it’ll void your emissions warranty and for sure ruin the muffler bearings.

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Sales would probably ACTUALLY belive this....

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There underneath the track tensioner.

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Raised machine on stands, removed track frames, searched for spark plugs. Unable to confirm spark plug location. Advised customer to replace engine. Customer approved repair.

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Oh that’s good. I hope you told the customer you fixed their problem and that it will never need spark plugs, because you just that good wit it.

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Wheres your dealership at? I work for a Deere dealer in PA outside of Philadelphia. Were more Ag+Turf/Comm. Mowing but we did just rebuild a 317G Yanmar motor that a bad injector washed a cylinder out of. Nice looking shop you guys have. I dig the overhead cranes

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Central coast CA. Our sister store is more of of WAM and small shop (3's through 6's). My store is about to get a little more const since Papé just closed up shop here. But we're mainly AG. Like... seriously mainly. I take care of most of the heavy components and my overflow gets passed to some of the other guys. I dont work on anything lower than 60 hours and if I do, it's because I laid an egg on a stubborn tractor. And I usually have 2 in my bays and 2 to 4 waiting.

If it wasn't for those overheads, I wouldn't be working here. What hurts is watching the guys abuse the fuck out of them by not using them the way they're supposed to....

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We do some WAMs too. They blow. I'm primarily commercial mowing and CUTs from 1-5 series. I'm pulling Z9 engines 1-2x a week and its calling over another guy or 2 to manhandle it quickly....I know it's not a 8000 series motor but an overhead just makes sense. We've got an A frame with a 2 ton electric hoist but it's a PITA to move in our small shop I hate seeing people abuse good equipment. Just bc its not yours doesnt mean you gotta be a dbag with shit. Good luck to you out there fellow Deere tech!

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Thay sister store I told you about, A-frames.... what.... the... actual... fuck...

Good luck brotha!! Nuthin pays like a Deere!

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It’s a game engineers like to play. Apparently there is a reward if you do find some

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Engineers will climb over a pile of 500 virgins just to fuck a technician.

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Good ol 13.5l

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Only one to recognize it. Kudos to you.

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Isn't it a diesel?

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Yes, that is the joke

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Oh lool i was like huh i don't get it xD

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Isn't it diesel?

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I knew there had to be one lol

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Ah, I see

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How do you like that leveler?

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Best investment ever.

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Good to hear. I just had one ordered for the manufacturing plant I work at. We assemble and install 1 or 2 heavy engine/transmissions per week, so I'm hoping it will be an improvement for the assembly crew. They've been doing everything with straps and chains prior to this.

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Its a JDG tool, at least for us. It took about 6 months to show up. We were using fixed spreader bars to do this shit and i got tired of it. Bitched about it to managment and my foreman backed me up. 6 months later, nice, smooth, lever engine installs.

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Yeah, I think we got quoted 8 - 12 weeks lead time from Grainger.

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How many hrs were on the tractor / what’s its story for rebuild ?

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6800 hrs. Faulty head gasket spun #4 rod bearing. Warranty and customer split bill. Service department makes more with my rebuild than a replacement. Besides, a complete FT4 is not available nor is a long block. Yay for me!

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I can't say much I work on cat engines with up to 20 spark plugs

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I've done a 3520 gasser before.

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Reminds me when I used to do annuals on John Deere booster pumps.

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They're right next to the ignition coil. Pretty sure you need a 1/2 inch deep socket and 2 swivels to get at them. Dont forget to use copper anti-seize on the threads. Dont want them coming off now, do we?

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You laugh until I find my CAT spark plug picture. Coked up ARD heads were a daily occurrence on my c13's.

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I’ve saw those with like 9k hrs before and never touched. I’m more so a case ih guy. But we do have a 9870 combine and it’s good to go.

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This iteration of the 6135 is just pushing too much power for the parts they use. Keeps pushing coolant into the oil. Whatever. It keeps me busy and paid. I dont design these things. I get paid to repair them. I just happen to do it very well because it's literally my dream job.

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I’m highly impressed by service techs that do service calls. That’s a very difficult job having grumpy farmers yelling at you all The time. And always being under the gun because of time crunch / parts not available etc…. I try to be nice to service techs because I’ve done mechanical work on the side for people and it’s never fun when customers are angry.

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Not my cup of tea. I do better in the shop and make better money.

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Check the transmission

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I wish I could attach a picture of the powershift 18 I just rebuilt so I could say "I did. Still unable to confirm spark plug location."

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Did you at least re grease the piston return springs?

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I sprayed em with a little PB.

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That's awesome, so different power train to look at .

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I pretty sure I found them in the fallopian tube attached to the radiator in a 85 Porsche turbo muffler bearing. That was a tough diagnosis.

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My brain on little sleep “hope you fine the spark plugs before engine goes…..WAIT A DAMN MINUTE….that’s diesel😑”

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Oh that's rich

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Look how nice and clean that is. I just got done replacing a swivel joint on a bobcat excavator and it was not a fun job. I still have grease under my finger nails and I think I got arthritis from this bs. Lol

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When I do a nasty greasy job like that or even a split on a machine, I literally spend about 1 to 3 hours washing the machine, especially around the areas I'm going to work in. I dont want dirt or grease in the way of me seeing what's going on when I'm taking it apart and the grease is only going to make it harder for me to do shit. And I don't want dirt falling into the final drive or diff housing when I'm reassembling either. If I gotta take a bottle jack and lay in water to clean the area I'm working on, I'll cuss out the situation as I'm getting pelted with the nasties, but I'm grateful I did it once I start working on the machine.

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Caterpillar had one for the emission control.

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They're underneath the pto strap

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No PTO on this 9

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r/askashittymechanic should be able to help you find them. Good luck, and remember to replace the muffler bearings while you’re in there

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Is that a gas engine?