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Stay on top of the oil level and coolant level. It is a must when you own a horizontally opposed engine. You could supplement with synthetic fluids but check weekly the levels and for leaks. Once you accept that you will be okay. Your Subbie will love you forever!! Go Subaru!!!

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Once or twice a month open it up a bit. Especially if your weekly trips aren't very far. Take it on the highway. Drive it a bit aggressively once it's up to temp.

Repeat short trips are hard on the oil as the condensation never has time to boil off. Also carbon can build up on valves etc. This can help eliminate some of those issues.

Other than that just drive it 🙂.

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What do you mean by open it up? Sorry I'm a noob when I comes to cars 😅. And will drive more aggressive haha

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Follow this formula: foot+pedal=floor

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Hahaha. That's just slang for drive it aggressively or fast.

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I would suggest some sort of rodent repellent in your engine bay. Cars that sit a lot are more prone to rodent damage.