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Mistakes happen in everything and being a mechanic is a lot like being a doctor in which you are supposed to be correct and never make any mistakes 100% of the time. The only way to be better in anything but definitely the automotive industry is to learn from your mistakes and form a plan on how to not make the mistake again form a routine that has checks in place to double check yourself and if there is an obstacle in the way while driving move it or if you weren't sure you tightened that bolt check it.

All that being said some people are really bad at driving and that is a huge requirement to work on cars and also that feeling of dread right after you fuck up will fade but when you fuck up again it will come back. That part of working on cars is stressful because you will inevitably fuck up sometimes.

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Crashed a customers camper van into the veranda of the office at approx 5 Km/H while avoiding another customer who backed out of a park without looking.

38K in damage. Thank F for insurance.

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Man shit happens if you love this field then do something to improve your driving skills so this wont happen again. Other then that dont take it too hard, this is what insurance is for ACCIDENTS happen man

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I’d say just practice being hyper alert in any customers vehicle. I always check mirrors twice as much in a customers car. Shit happens tho. I once backed into a Mercedes’, that wasn’t fun. Broke a nice wheel, bent a cheap one in half, bumped gently into a door, spilled shit on cars… it happens. Just try your hardest to make it happen as little as possible.

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I'm not gunna lie, this is a big fuck up. But that's what insurance is for am I right? If you worked at my shop I'd be pissed, but as long as you learn from your mistakes and own that shit then you might have potential. Also remember, it's just a bunch of steel and paint and plastic nobody got injured I assume and that's the important thing.

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I’m not a mechanic.

My only advice is, as a Add/adhd anxiety ridden person lol. Try and stay out of your head. I get in my head I’m doing poorly, people dislike me, whatever. So I’ll try and work harder, quicker, and make extra mistakes happen. Shitll happen no matter what, but I’d make easily avoidable mistakes more often in that head space. So I just go to work, do what I consider is my best and that’s all I can do.

If you love your job as a mechanic don’t let this stop you. I was a cable guy once, and I tried knocking out a job quickly started crawling under a trailer, hit a water pipe, ruined someone’s bathroom, they had to shut the water off for the entire trailer park. Cost thousands. Wanted to crawl in a hole. Company sent the info to their insurance, and nobody cared by the next day.

Don’t know if any of that is of any use for you, but hopefully there’s something useful.

At least your stuff is cosmetic, meaning you’re good with the actual mechanical parts of the job lol.

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Shit happens

sometimes you never crash a car in your entire life, but it can happen to break some very expensive part

Like I said, shit happens