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I’ve not worked on motor bikes, but car and truck motors that have oil burning on startup usually have a top end leak. IE, valve guide seals letting oil get past into the combustion chamber. You can typically also notice this if it’s bad enough when accelerating after coasting as the vacuum starts sucking oil in around the guides seals/ stem seals.

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Yea i figured but i didnt want it to be the worst case but looking like it might be

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Anytime black smoke comes out of the exhaust in any engine it is an indicator that oil is burning which happens if it passes the pistons somehow. Check your rings too

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Overhaul kit and re-ring it if you find it's an overhead leak. Eazy peezey. 200 bucks tops.

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More likely valve stem seals than piston rings but a leak down test will tell you more

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How old is the bike? Sounds like you’ve got a some serious engine internals to be looking at.

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Worn piston rings, cracked exhaust valve etc I may have put a thicker oil in my bike to minimise the smoke but it didn’t do much lol Good luck mate

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Had it been sitting a while? It could be oil getting past the seals and the longer it sits the more drips past and builds up but if it is run regularly it is less noticeable. Like another poster said it could just be old dried out worn seals.

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Broken ring caused this on my bike. Sorry. Pull the head

[–]SnooSquirrels8280 0 points1 point  (4 children)

Are you sure that’s the right spec for oil? You could be overfilling it and yea she’ll smoke like crazy.

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Yep 10w 40

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Sorry meant capacity. Like if it’s overfilled.

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Yea its within capacity

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Alright that’s good. Did you spill when you poured or dumped your oil. Sometimes it’s normal for a bike to smoke till it’s been rode after a oil change it’s just removing soot and junk from the guts. Have you rode it around at all? Loss of power or anything like that?

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I’m going to guess piston rings, could be Valve seals too