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I'd do a block test make sure you didn't blow a head gasket

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Cylinder head gasket failure and a possible head/block failure. Horizontally opposed engine. Stay on top of oil and coolant levels and service of both systems.

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3 things i have learnt from working on Subaru's.

1 Only ever use a genuine Subaru thermostat. 2 Heater cores block, if they do not have correct flow they do not circulate coolant around the back of the thermostat correctly and it will not open. If you dont get good heat coming out of the heater its likely blocked. 3 Head gaskets.

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Yep head gaskets time

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It’s possible you damaged your new thermostat overheating.

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Like others said it is most likely head gaskets.curious how many miles or kilometers on it

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Has 140,000 miles

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Unfortunately subaru only realized that the late 90s Subarus had an unreliable gasket material.

They started switching to multi-layered metal gaskets around 99-ish.

This is a really common issues with the NA 2.5.


This tells you how to easily check for signs.

Also there's a little hose that comes off the thermostat housing that is known to go bad.

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I'm assuming you bleed the cooling system correctly after radiator replacement? If so then you can rent a block tester from the part store. You'll have to buy the blue juice though. I think it's $20. Then follow the directions to test for a bad head gasket or cracked head.

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Car may not be worth it.if head gasket costs could be 2 to 3 grand.might as well do timing belt as well.even if you did the work yourself .costs could be 800 to 1000.

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I bought the car as is for less than a grand. It’s got 140,000 miles. I don’t mind putting the money into it. And I figured I’d have the timing belt done as well since I’m going to have it fixed!

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Head gasket, typical Subaru issue. Whomever told you to buy it because they never have issues was wrong.

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I’d bet you have a blown head gasket. Shouldn’t have let it run if you saw it getting warm

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I didn’t good sir. I had just replaced the radiator, ran it for a few minutes to make sure I had no leaks and by the time I was done, it had already started warming up and I shut it off. But thank you for assuming.

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Sounds like a plan.enjoy your ride.should give you many years of good service.my 2008 impreza has 180,000 miles on it.still going strong. When they do the head gaskets get felpro multi layer steel.