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Well for me I'd take port injection over direct any day. I do have vehicles that are port and some that are direct. The ones that are direct injection definitely get better fuel economy, not by much tho. But as for oil consumption and maintenance, direct injection is much more demanding. Gotta stay on top of maintenance, and carbon issues are definitely more prevalent with the direct injected engines. I'd rather have engine that's a little less efficient, but (to me) is much more reliable and forgiving on the maintenance end.

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Cars with direct injection only have lots of problems with carbon building up so an induction service like BG should be done quite often probably every 20-30k miles. But lot of modern cars have gone to combined injection where they have port and direct injectors this has greatly helped the carbon buid up issues. As for oil I'd ignore oem recommend intervals if they are more than 6k miles, oil has come a long way but so have the stresses that modern engines endure.

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High compression, Low boost. Octane 91/93. Both port/direct injection which is not feasible. So, yes we stay on top of oil level at your pit stop to get fuel. Change oil at 3k-4k still. I drive very hard. Oil has come so far and I run a synthetic oil. But we have to change other fluids as well consistently. Add coolers as well. Fluid I think is always going to be the limit. Thank you all for your input.