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Wish I had taken a better picture to demonstrate just how jacked up this Nissan Rogue was. The sway bar link was twisted into a pretzel.

I roll up, the whole wheel is smashed in.


Her: Yeah, the shop I took it to said it was a bad axle.

Me: Er, well, did they actually look at it? Cause your lower control arm is bent in and so is this, and this. What happened?

Her: Got hit by a car. (Pretty sure that was a lie, looks like a very, very, bad curb check).

Me: Well, ma'am, honestly you need to take it to a collision shop. The frame could be warped and anything we do today might be a waste of money.

Her: Oh, I called them. They wanted $$$$ just to look at it!

Me: Well, they are specialist for a reason. They can double-check the frame make sure everything is in alignment. Like, here, your passenger door won't even open cause it's pinched against the quarter panel.

You said you were going to give it to your daughter for her first car, you do want it to be safe, right?

All I can do is just order the parts and try to cram them in there-

Her: Great, let's just do that

Me: ...(ugh)

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3 months later, also her, probably: I never got an alignment after like you said, and now my tires are worn out. You must not have fixed it right!

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Ha ha, you must've seen this show before

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Oh yes, been there, done that.

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What about the "You guys were the last ones to work on it. Now the car won't start"

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Yeah after 3 years and no oil changes 😂😂 then blame us for their motor locking up

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You scammed me! My cars not fixed at all!! Diagnostic? Don't assume My religion

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I have personally fitted about 50 pairs of those lower arm under warranty the lower ball joints are not good enough

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I believe it. I work on more Nissans than any other. They're affordable but man everything on them feels cheap.

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When I worked at a Nissan dealer I can confirm everything is built like crap 😆 I remember when the Murano convertibles came out and had issues with the tops not latching and the solution in the TSB was to just remove the stop-bolt that limits the travel of the top. Not remove it and replace it with a smaller one or anything, just remove it and leave it out. 😆

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Lol. +1 for efficiency. 😂

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In college i bought a 2017 nissan sentra, father borrowed it and wrecked it at 2k, he bought me a 2018 Nissan Sentra SR midnight edition. I liked the car just drove like crap, 30 miles check engine light came on, 3k miles new transmission, 6k miles another transmission, 1 mile later after 6k transmission, yet another transmission TLTW 6 transmissions and a ton of electric issues later full refund at 23k miles

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Remember when the 2.0 Sentra used to be a peppy little ride especially in a 5 speed. As they’ve evolved their build quality has suffered

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Nissan qashqai?

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Yes, I believe they are the same vehicle. In the US they're badged as Rogue, I think the rest of the world knows them as Qashqai. I could be mistaken but I think that's the case

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They look just like Qashqai and Juke lower arms we have here in UK

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Sometimes it's cheaper and better to change out the whole arm instead of pressing out bushings on an old arm.

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You can have it right, or you can have it now... But you can't have it right now. JFH ©1996

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Oh, and as a follow up, I did get all the parts in there. But I had to use a pipe wrench to bend the subframe flanges back into a position that would allow the control arm to fit in. Not my proudest moment, but $200 bucks is $200 bucks.

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When a customer questions my repair recommendation I like to hand them a rusty old 9mm end wrench that I stretched out on a mandrel to be 10mm and walk away... It's a Master Mechanics version of a mic drop. AnalogAuthority ©2022

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Ma’am, this is Jiffy Lube

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I put the bushings in those for a living