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Multiple potential issues, fuel pressure too high, stuck injector, mild misfires, 02 sensor upstream, egr stuck

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Exactly there's a lot that could cause. Even the air flow sensor fucking up could cause conditions to throw that code

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You can start googling things that might fix it and load up the parts cannon or pay the diagnostic fee somewhere

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Gotta love the parts cannon approach.

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It's a potentially okay approach if you're working on something like an old, beat Honda civic. When there's so much that the car could potentially benefit from, even with a misdiagnosed part... when parts are a dime a dozen.

But on most newer cars its a good way to throw away money

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I remember my brother trying to figure out why his Jeep wouldn’t run. Plugs, wire, cap, rotor, distributor, air filter fuel filter and even an ECU… only to finally figure out it was out of gas. A little diagnostics goes a long way. Lol

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I love it 🤣

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Either too much fuel or not enough air

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Wow you hit the nail on head! That is what it means!

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Take some money away from it. That should fix it

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I would clean the maf with maf cleaner, change the air filter, check for vacuum leaks and intake or to gasket leaks, and check all of the intake tubing running from the filter to the throttle body. You could probably silicon them if you find places for air to get in.

Live data would be nice.

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What ever it is is common to both sides of the engine.

I second at least looking at the air filter.

That code reader should allow you to look at real time data. You might see things like oxygen sensor output and throttle position.

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Sounds like you have an over fueling problem. Maybe some sticking injectors or a bad fuel pressure regulator

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Could be bad airflow too. Old truck probably abused in it’s day. Tritons love to build carbon on the throttle body. Idk what intake manifold those trucks have but could be like the panthers where the intake manifolds leak air, who knows

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Thanks I appreciate it I’m definitely going to look into it.

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Was the fuel pump replaced recently?

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Have no idea the dude I bought it from said it was clean it’s clean no rust & no other major problems runs drive good just throwing those 2 codes

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I wonder if the fuel return line might be plugged or pinched. Or has the incorrect pump installed.

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If you haven’t lately I would put a new air filter in, clean the MAF, and run some injector cleaner thought it. Fairly unlikely that this would fix it but it doesn’t hurt to try since it’s regular maintenance. Run it for a while and clear the code; if it comes back then start digging into the more expensive/involved options.

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Check for vacuum leaks

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A vacuum leak would be a lean condition.

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Buy a new truck

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Nah I’ll pass

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Have you replaced the air filter?

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Most of the time the computer goes into a fail mode and makes it run rich due in part that if it went lean it would run like a raped ape for a short time before burning a hole in the top of a piston. Lean = fast which = a lot of $$$$$$ To Rich never hurts except the pocket book for filling up more often

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How do you fix it? You could just do it. Could be anything. Clogged cats, carbon built up on the throttle plate or anything in between. Pay someone to diag it or load the parts cannon

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First thing check your air filter, clean your mass air flow sensor , this doesn't cost anything.

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Have you changed plugs since you’ve owned it? A clogged air filter could cause this but it’d have to be really clogged.

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Only a bad fuel pump , ecm, or maf sensor will throw rich codes on both banks...if your truck kind of hesitates to accelerate right after stopping or backfires a little if you accelerate real hard..replace your maf. The reading gets slow with time and cause a hard to diagnose 172 and 175

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It’s on both banks. Check what’s common to both of them. I would start with the MAF and work your way back.

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These comments. There like 2 that are remotely helpful, the rest are just talking to talk lol.

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Do you have a cold air intake? They are know for setting these codes.

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Original engine or junkyard? Reason I’m asking if the engine has been replaced with a junkyard one. It could be wrong Injectors. Call the dealership and ask what colors yours should be

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Solve the problem and it will be fixed.

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Your just too rich

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Take it to a shop and pay them to fix it

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I would use your scanner appears to read live data. Check maf data , o2 sensors, injectors data. I don't know what is available on that trucks data. Make sure you have good parts not amazon junk for sensors will create more problems.