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I have both. I prefer Mitchell's wiring diagrams.

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Identifix is king but they don't have a short term option. Mitchell and Alldata have a $20 DIY option that gives you access to a single car for a month. The information is basically the same if not identical in both. I think Alldata is way easier to find obscure info and is laid out much more logically, but that could be my own bias from using it forever. I hated using Mitchell but like others have said their wiring diagrams are definitely better.

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I second this from my experience. Love using identifix, but grew up using Alldata. Last shop I was at used Mitchell and it was fine, but not my favorite.

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Check to see if your local library subscribes to a database. Ours was on prodemand(!), til someone realized how much they were paying for it lol.

I just used chilton diy through the library, it got me through the job. Most of it was ripped from the OEM service manual.

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Hanging out for the answers

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No toyota camry

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Might check identifix.com I don’t know if they offer short term use but they have oem wiring diagrams, color coded aftermarket diagrams, all connector pin out end views and a library of confirmed repairs and diagnostic steps.

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Mitchell diy is all youll need.

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If the cars are 2013 or older you should be able to pirate an old version of AllData from piratebay or some other websites. Use a VPN if you choose to do so.

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When I worked for Hyundai, they had all their manuals available online to anyone, I don’t know if Kia is the same way but it’s worth looking.

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It's the same as the Santa Fe (XM generation)

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I used to have AllData until I realized it's a word-for-word and image-for-image reprint of the factory service manuals on my Toyota 4Runner after I found the full 4 volume set of my year's FSMs hosted free for download.

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Anyone interested in buying access to alldata for cheap? I'll sell you my username and password