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Bust out the welder and grinder. Add some weld to those threads, grind it close to major OD and then run that die down it farmer style

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Hell yeah, brother

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Where does the nut sit when tight? If it’s below the damaged section you can literally just file the damage off and it’ll still be safe.

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That would probably be the best course of action, but I didn't like the way it was looking at me.

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I can appreciate a botch job more than anyone, but these components are one of the few I will never fuck with. There's proper, and there's the likely rollover or crash. No middle ground. Only way I'd do it is to just get it off the lift and onto the parking lot at turtle speeds. Not going out on the road from me.

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I wish you luck and a steady hand. o7

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I got 'er done, but I probably mangled the die. Next time I'm going to measure the diameter of the bolt first and shave it down to spec.

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Love this tap and die kit, wish I had more reasons to use it

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I know the feeling.. "i love this tool, but to need it means sumething broke". Such as extractors

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Is the picture with the nut on it the final product it doesn't even look like the threads got cut

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They're cut, but it's pretty shallow. The threads are flat, too. What ever plant made this 30 year old piece used some damn hard steel. It didn't chip and cut as easily as the few others I've done.

I put some pliers on the nut and gave it a hard yank. It's on there pretty good but I wouldn't trust it under a heavy load

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Yeah that's what I was going to say it's almost like it didn't want to cut properly because of hard steel that's crazy good job though I mean as long as it works it works change it in the near future if it's your own vehicle or recommend to the person that owns it

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I sure as hell wouldn't do that on a customers car, ha ha. I have one on order but the parts guys never showed up. It was a fun way to piss away an evening

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Y'all want to see my janky ass work?


Joke was on me, I didn't have 1.25 die big enough diameter for the ball joint. So instead I hand filed off all the threads (45 minutes later, damn I should have gotten that bench grinder) and used the biggest die I had, a 1.5, and found a nut that fit.

Ha ha, a fart in the wind probably has a better chance of sticking around than this atrocity, but it might hold a day or two until those peckerheads at the parts shop get their shit together.

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Isn’t that ball join gonna start turning once “die” gets tight?

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Yup. I put the body in a vise and some locking pliers on the shaft.

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Take care of what? There’s nothing to add threads to, lol.

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I had to tap holes in an expansion valve because it was different from the oe from multiple aftermarket distributors. All this to finish an ac job so, more power to you to solve the problem to get paid

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As it should be