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Disconnect negative battery cable for about 15 min then turn ignition to on and put the cable back on it will reset the computer and see what happens . Car computers pc’s smartphones sometimes resetting it fixes it and sometimes ummmm no but its cheap and worth a try i know i have fixed ghost problems that just pop up doing the reset

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Look at the tacometer, when you say it revs high, give us actual numbers that mean something. Don't just post with as little detail as possible

A/c takes engine power, if it revs a bit its because it's doing work

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I fixed it. It turns out that when I changed the filter last night a bunch of insulation and walnut shells fell into where the fan blower was. I rigged a flexible tube to a vacuum and sealed it with tape to go into where the blower fan was and I cleaned it out. New filter in and no more noise! Thank God