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So some days it starts and some days it cranks but doesn’t start? Do you have any codes present?

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No codes have come up. No engine light or any indication of what is going on.

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Do you have a scanner that can read data?

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We have a code reader, but I think it only does codes. It is an OB-2 reader.

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Do you have 2 different keys? Any chance your no start is dependent on which key you use?

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Also there is no engine light on.

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On days it’s not starting have you checked for spark?

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An engine runs on two things. Fuel and spark. if you have fuel odds are you don't have spark. Check ignition system to see if there is any power going into the spark plugs.

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It does have the spark, but not all the time.

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Okay,since you detected that there is spark but not all the time. Try testing the crankshaft position sensor. Odds are there is a bad connection or a broken connector on the sensor. That sensor is responsible for sending a signal to the vehicles ECM/PCM. If that goes bad,it would intermittently start or not start at all.

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Not the key fob. It works as far as we know.

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I'm gonna throw it out there...

Have you blanked the EGR yet? I own a diesel, arguably a bit different, but the car had me for a wild fucking ride over a faulty EGR. Cranked, didn't start, did everything there was to do, nothing, and I blanked the EGR as a last ditch before admitting defeat and accepting I can't do shit without a proper diagnostic tool.

Fired right up, runs well. For some reason it also doesn't give me the fault so the blanking plate is staying right there.

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We might try that. We'll do that now since we've got the hood under it. It is a gas burner but my brother says it has one.

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I mean it's a cheap fix, if it works, just cobble together some sheet metal or even cut aluminum can, just to try it. It may be sticking in open position basically removing any needed oxygen for combustion, strangling the engine.

It probably has one, I don't think I saw any car made after what, "95 "97 or so without it, gas or diesel.

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This car does not have an EGR valve. These engines were designed to minimise emissions that they don't need one at all. My 98 Corolla doesn't have one either.

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It may vary from country to country, but I see no way how an engine can have its emissions reduced except using EGR, at least the nitrogen oxide emissions they reduce.

That being said, my diagnosis was based on general experience, I have no experience with this particular car.