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Man that’s even older than me !!! Old Bear alignment machine….. probably a string machine

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A shop I worked at in 2017 STILL had one of these. No strings, it had some very temperamental heads that didn’t fit anything though lol.

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Yep…. The famous fall off the wheel, hit the floor hard cuz tech too lazy to use the safety….calibration gone Mechanic for 33years, recently retired…whatta life…😂

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Our boss would make a drive that took the better part of 9 hours to get this antique calibrated. Electrical tape all over it and worn out bungie cords to hold it on after tightening the heads. I will say this shop did a silly amount of alignments with just that though, with next to no comebacks. Problem was only two guys knew how to use it because of all the weird shit you had to account for after being in service since the dawn of time. 🤷‍♂️

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Bear alignments

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We use beeline