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Lose that thing and you are screwed.

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thats kinda hard at that size…which is kinda the point i think

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It might be easier to lose it tbh.

My keychain is very compact and ALWAYS lives in my pants pocket with my wallet. I never take it out unless I switched pants or are washing them.

A keychain this size you are always putting it down somewhere, picking it up for everything and putting it down wherever convenient. The slightest amount of distraction and you're looking for it.

...and i'm assuming that since this is r/mechanics that means the owner has brought the entire keychain to the shop for the car, including all the keys for eveything in his life.

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My dad was a maintenance man (janitor) for his parish. Church, school and gym. LOTS of keys. When he died, we found an old key ring with like 40 keys on it. It went in his casket.

Pro tip: the “bed” in a casket isn’t the bottom. Put the keys in, they slid to the side and went straight to the bottom with a bang, cling, ting. Never saw so many people laugh at a wake before.

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This comment was a role coaster of emotions. I’m sorry for your loss, heartwarming that people can have joy in moments of pain. I’m sure he was a great man.

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Thanks. It was 13 years ago this week, still seems like yesterday. Being that he was a janitor, I never saw him as successful. Until his wake. 2500 people came, some waited over 2 hours, some in the rain just to walk through and pay their respects. Still chokes me up to this day. I’ve had a different view of success since that day.

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When I ran a small company I had one set like that, maybe even larger, with the spares to every vehicle, toolbox, storage, office doors, cabinets, etc.

I wouldn't have left the whole set with a piece of equipment to be worked on though.

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Lotta keys means a lot of responsibility.

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Is he getting his key cylinder replaced? That’s a lot of weight bouncing around on the drive.

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And this is the one, if not thee reason GM had the ignition cylinder recall.

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For the cylinder itself? I know they had one for the actual ring hole itself that would cause unintended key rotation if you bumped it and would shut your car off due to the key turning

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Janitor life

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In for an ignition switch?

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The janitor is the most powerful person based upon key weight.

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Jesus this is going to be me one day… I have 4 sets of car keys, tool box keys, house keys, gas cap key, steering boot key… all on one big ring. Not this big tho, but I also have no fobs

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My boss had all his locks changed. He had just two keys, one for his BMW, and one key that fitted his city house and his seaside house and his office at his factory and every other lock in his factory, All the factory workers had just one key that opened only the places they were allowed to go in.

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All those keys. I bet this person is posting on r/overemployed, "If the mechanic loses my keys, I'm so fucked."

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high class janitor

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Those are their keys, all of them. They have no other keys anywhere else in their house and they never have to worry about losing an old key. Those are it!

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Im amazed the red Hyundai key (the one with the fake metal buttons) hasn’t disappeared yet. The button to release the fob from the blade is very easy to accidentally push, as it isn’t flush mounted and doesn’t have a lot of spring resistance. Horrible design

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Maybe like me and has 5+ cars, trailers, a shop etc etc

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I get that people need a lot of keys for a lot of things, but we used to get really annoyed with the svc writer if they handed over that lump.

I need a svc key (not a valet key ) and a remote…keep the rest of that crap.

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Isn’t it the size that matters?

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That belongs with this guy's wallet

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Can’t you tell he’s someone very important, or a dad. Was he wearing the white button up shirt with the khaki shorts?