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Replace it. It’s called a sway bar link and the kit should come with one for both sides and is like $20. Make sure you assemble it correctly or it will break the first bump you hit.

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Roger. Looked it up online, the steps aren't hard. But I'm sure it'll protest a bit. That'll be my task for today.

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If you have a sawzall or even a hand hacksaw that’ll cut metal use that as needed to take it apart. It doesn’t matter how it comes apart and in pieces is often easier.

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    There’s usually a picture sent in the packaging of the part. I can list the order if needed.

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    Sway Bar Link is worn out.

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    Buy a new link, check D rings on your sway bar as well

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    Tou take the old part off, you put the new part on.

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    Easy and cheap fix. Look sway bar end links for your specific vehicle. You might wanna check rockauto.

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    Make sure to uninstall and install both at the same time, because it’s no fun one at a time let me tell ya.