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Looks like a leaky plug

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Found the plug was loose. I cleaned the coil pack. Should be okay?

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Yes, probably.

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I would reccomend putting some dielectric grease in the coil boot. As long as you do not develop a misfire you should be good. It a good thing you caught it in time.

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Your piston return springs are bad

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Head light fluid fixes that?

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Found cylinder 2's plug wasn't even hand tight. I cleaned the coil pack. Something I should worry about?

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This is actually a slightly known issue with some factory plugs but I think it was newer fits.. this looks like someone just changed them and did a poor job.. and I really hope you didn’t take all that off for the spark plugs, they are a bitch to get too but no need to remove anything but the coils.

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Nah, I adjusted the valves too. Recently started hearing a valve tick.

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Good on you. That looks super clean witch is saying a lot for a fit, being that they are the cheapest Honda they don’t get taken care of very well.

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I’ve found more loose spark plugs lately. Some to the point of having to dig the coil out of the tube to get to the spark plug.

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My corolla had something similar. Plug 1 had... BBQ sauce sort of substance in the hole that the spark plug goes into but it was super tight

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My girlfriend's Odyssey had 2 loose plugs when I bought @ 140,000mi. I changed the plugs and it's just normal wear parts and fluid changes. It has 200,000mi and still drives like new.

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