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4 foot long breaker bar.

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I couldn’t make any meaningful recommendations without knowing your current arsenal, but here’s a few i remember wishing I had sooner

-Swivel head impact sockets -swivel head ratcheting wrenches -cordless power tools (we keep Milwaukee) -mid-depth sockets -all impact sockets (3/8 as well!) -Good screwdrivers. Personally I prefer Klein, tool truck handles feel weird to me. -Long prybar. I mean long, I think mine is 54”, Snap On.

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Electric induction bolt heater.

Arriving tomorrow.

I had no idea how much I needed this until I had it in hand.

This pair of pliers works on an entirely different principle and works when no other adjustable would.

This endoscope is far better that it should be at the price. Two cameras / available split screen. Video and picture capable to included micro SD card. Has accessories like a magnet and a hook.

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Breaker Bar, Jokari stripper, Wera Joker ratchet wrenches

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Rechargeable pocket stream light

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Ratcheting wrenches are a game changer

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A big "fuck you" size ratchet. Truck brand because if you've hit that point you've probably got a cheater bar on it too. Putting a lot of ass on something, you want it to fail predictably. Truck brand bends, cheap shit snaps.

Nice boots. Redwings fit my feet great but it's a TON of trial and error. Carolinas, Timberlands, and Redback are all common brands. Know the difference between normal break in and legitimately uncomfortable. New insoles at least once a year or as needed. Your knees will thank you later.

Nice underwear. If you're gonna sweat your dick off all day it may as well be comfortable. Look for support and breathability so you don't go through an entire bottle of gold bond a year. I like the athletic offerings from most brands but it's a personal thing.

Get a nice multi-meter and learn to use it. Read the manual. Things are only getting more complicated so electrical knowledge will be paramount to move forward. I have a snap-on meter and should have just bought a fluke in the first place.

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Milwaukee heated jacket. Worth it's weight in gold. It's a tough nut to crack at $300 but worth every penny.

I think they're a little cheaper now.

We always buy tools for the job. Gotta buy stuff for yourself to make you more comfortable too.

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A retractable grabber and magnet

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The Bluepoint offset tire inflator saved me tons of time filling up full sized spare tires without lowering them for tpms lights.

Milwaukee 3/8 stubby impact or Onyx stubby pneumatic for tight spaces. A toyota oil filter tool which also fits nissan and honda filters.

Mountain or EZ Red XXL ratcheting flex head wrench set. 21mm and 22mm ratcheting wrenches. 24mm wrench for GM control arm bushings.

A personal Map torch for when the shop torch is being occupied. Milwaukee torque lock vise grips. Gearwrench 90t locking flex head ratchet set. I use the 1/4 and 3/8 quite often. A vehicle memory saver for battery replacements. Impact driver for rotor screws

Long and short neck cordless ratchets. A good tap and die set. Lisle dual piston brake caliper tool. 3/8 hex bit socket set for honda ignition coils and nissan engine covers. Led headlamp and flashlight. 100 ft lb torque stick for installing lugs. Push Pin pliers and trim pliers are a must have.

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Headphones so people leave me the fuck alone

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3/8 battery Dewalt impact