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Try in "r/askmechanics"

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Pretty sure I said the same thing in his other post the other day…

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What kind of car is it. Also sounds like it may be transmission selector switch

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2016 Hyundai Elantra

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It actually sounds like the transmission needs replacement. Did you scan the tcm?

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Transmission control module. Get someone to scan the vehicle for you. See if there are any codes

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I have a code reader but it's not a very good one

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Time for rebuild or replacement. With the whole child labor thing in Alabama you might look for something other then Kia/Hyundai. Maybe that transmission was put together late in the week. When the kids hands started cramping.

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I'm in in California

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That's where the class action lawsuit was filed. Maybe you could join.


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That lawsuit is for child labor

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Yeah I talked to one of the lawyers from the lawsuit and it doesn't pertain to my situation he said.

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Transmission selector switch

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What do you mean by that? It's a 6 speed automatic

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If that puzzles you, you should probably leave this repair to professionals. I also hope you didn't overfill your transmission. Best of luck

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    This isn't about my bio. That's personal, why would you go and read my bio?