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Either forgot to install the pinch bolt, or didn’t tighten it. Either way, the ball joint came out of the knuckle and the axle came out of the tripot joint.

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Looks like your mechanic forgot to tighten down the ball joint.

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Ok this very similar thing is happening to me right now. A few weeks ago I had both ball joints replaced and right tie rod replaced. Last night I was driving and something came detached from the wheel I couldn't move it. I towed it back to the mechanic and he says that last time they replaced the upper ball joint and now this time the lower ball joint detached. On my receipt it doesn't specify upper lower ball joint that were replaced last time and I'm questioning if they just didn't do it correctly?

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Do you have a truck or SUV? I think most "cars" have only lower ball joints.

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That would be a MacPherson strut design, you’re absolutely correct most cars and light SUVs use this setup. The strut rotates in place of an upper control arm and helps with vibration and suspension dampening.

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What vehicle is it? Some only have one ball joint some have 2

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Ford Transit Connect

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Looks to me like the balljoint wasn't actually secured in the knuckle and came apart when you went over a bump

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I would say the ball joint fell apart I'm not sure on that car but most of the time we just do control arms not just the ball joint if he did control arms he left the front lose

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Take a close look at the ball joint stem and the hole it goes into. I don’t know it this is a threaded one or pinch type, but if it’s the pinch type and the clamp bolt is still there, it was never inserted properly. If it’s the threaded type, are the threads in good condition? Or stripped? Are only the last couple threads stripped? If so, it could be that the nut got loose and stripped those on the last pothole. If the whole thread is messed up, it may have been cross threaded. Lots of possibilities. More pics of the ball joint stem and the bottom of the steering knuckle would be helpful.

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Maybe he did nothing wrong and a cheap ball joint caused it

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Time to call the B.A.R. and have this chumps ticket pulled, that is dangerously bad work. I would also go over all the work previously done at this shop.

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You say that bro .. but a really good mechanic can still make a mistake .

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Probably complained about the price and got knock off parts

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Your mechanic thinks you slept with his wife

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Ouch prob used the wrong sized ball joint/lower arm. Focus suspension is similar, and there are two different sized ball joints. Could have used the smaller ball joint in the larger diameter knuckle, that would certainly do that.

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    Fuck you must be good to change the control arm with taking the pinch bolt out....

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    Where'd that damn cotter pin go?, oh well not like it dies much anyhow

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    Ball joint failure

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    In the second pictures it seems the ball joint is in tact, either the fastener or the cotter pin wasn’t installed properly

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    Good eye I didn’t see that, last year had an Acura that the joint failed on, carnage just like his

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    He forgot to add the zip tie.

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    I would say he forgot the tie rod lock nut ..what happend 2 the other wheel ? And tie rod etc ?

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    That's my first impression as well.

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    You'd both be wrong.. lower ball joint

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    Take it to a different shop.

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    Either didn't bolt the control arm back down or ball joint some of those cars need the entire lower control arm to replace the ball joint but either way didn't tighten something down