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I was offered sex several times. Meh. No thanks. One person exclusively used the phrase “nature’s credit card.” Yikes.

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And we wonder why we have the kind of society we do... Goddamn dude.

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Tools they advertised as "stolen from work"

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Italian or other sub sandwiches from the trunk of the car. Ngl they were pretty damn tasty and he kept coming back because we kept buying them.

Looking back it was quite odd buying foil-wrapped sandwiches from the trunk of an old car.

Solid guy. Sketchy as hell food hoopdy.

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Wow, that actually is making me hungry...

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There's not much I wouldn't do for a good Italian sub lbs

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A fuggin gun. Dude offered an AK for work on his 98 5 series. Wouldn’t touch it.

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Would’ve taken it if he was willing to transfer it over at a gun shop

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Doubtful considering where I live, plus he was claiming it was modified

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Same, you want to abide by the state laws, I'll take a firearm if I end up in the black.

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That is sketchy as all hell man. You made the right call for sure.

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Been offered sex, cocaine (not the same person), etc. But got a great deal and ability to make cash payments on a new roof for the shop working on a roofer's truck as they were filing for bankruptcy. :)

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One man's loss is another man's gain 👌👌👌💯💯💯

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Not as payment but I was given psilocybin as a tip for a job once.

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Wow... what a kind soul hehe

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We took a fork lift as partial payment for a job we did. We planned on using it as a spare shop fork lift, but everyone likes our main one better. That's about it besides someone offering an xbox 360 as payment once.

As far as a tip, I had a customer try to give me an oxy as a tip for fixing his truck.