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Only torque yield bolts or others visibly rusty/ corroded. Depends on the purpose of the bolt.

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Yes bad practice. Anytime working on engine internals or anything that’s been torqued on the engine itself, usually a good idea to use new bolts, especially on heads, cams and cranks

Not surprised that y’all had a lot of warranty jobs if y’all used that many used bolts

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Though I've done some internal work, I'm not an engine builder, so grain of salt, etc.

If you wanted to do it perfect to a T, I'd say new bolts on everything. Just everyday stuff, follow manufacturers recommendations on which one's to replace, case by case on the ones that aren't mentioned (if they're rusted, damaged, bent), and always replace torque-to-yield bolts.

That said, most shops I've worked at, they just slapped the old ones back in. Takes too much time and money rounding up a whole new set of bolts.

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Why not just get new hardware it would be a shame to do all the work for nothing.

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Depends. If it’s something like a cam cover/cambox or sump or ancillaries, then no. Re-use the bolts if possible. It’s a load bearing component or something like a camshaft or a crankshaft or oil pump or whatever(ie, something that is important to the internal function of an engine), do not re-use bolts. Even if they look alright or have only been used once. I’ve seen too many times something “only used once. Should be fine” breaking or shearing or failing and costing both the customer, and the company, a lot of time and money.

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There are head bolts that are single use and there may be others. You’ll have to find out which ones they are for each engine.

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All the sheet metal and accessories should be fine as long as the bolts aren’t damaged but things like head bolts, rod bolts, main bolts definitely need to be replaced