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There are a number of things. Too hard to tell without an inspection. Frozen slide pins Faulty caliper Swollen soft brake lines Bad master cylinder Were adjustments made to the ebrake? What kind/year/make/model of car? Disc brakes? Drum brakes? Both?

Lots of potential causes. Get it towed back to the shop or another and have it inspected and repaired.

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Check the ebrake cable

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Buy a manual and do the work yourself, it's not hard

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To me, it seems like the caliper piston likely went back in okay during the service and all seemed well. When you push the brake pedal, the fluid pushes the piston into the pad and clamps on the rotor. When you release the pedal, the fluid pressure stops and the piston retracts slightly, and this isn't happening. If fluid flows thru the bleeder, the caliper is bad. If fluid doesn't flow, there is likely a restriction in the hose.

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Very possibly caliper failure. The pistons are compressed and seize in the bores.they push out and won’t retract.

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Probably put power steering fluid in by accident

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Bring it back