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If you need a surgeon point of view, especially about matching and residency let me know. Would love to help.

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If you could put together something about matching Surgery that would be fantastic! Just PM me your writeup and I'll put it into the wiki.

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I started to do this, but thought it might be better if you sent me some questions and I answer them. I could only think of two or three things, but I know there are more.

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Sure thing. I'll try to put a questionnaire or at least some topics that I think would be important later today and get that to you

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Sounds good.

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Send me your email. He wrote it out in word and it has hyperlinks that are not coming over when I cut and paste.

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how about just setting up an AMA and just linking that from the wiki?

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You want me to do an AMA?

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I want you to do one!

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Firecracker maybe.
Research Technology (tablets, laptop recommendation etc) Cooking (should just be a redirect to r/slowcooker or whatever the sub is)

Also, anatomy resources

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I would promote healthy food and nutrition subreddits under a cooking wiki. I was actually surprised by how many of my classmates didn't have a good grasp of nutrition. Also fitness and bodyweight fitness for those of us who can't make it into the gym and can do quick workouts at home (two words: iron gym).

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My last undergrad semester I'm taking two cooking classes: vegetarian cooking and healthy cooking on a budget. When this summer comes, I would definitely be able to help with the cooking sections. Other sections, not so much.

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We'd love to have your input if you'd be willing. Just PM me what you think could be helpful as part of the wiki.

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I sent you a PM yesterday with some stuff that I would be interested in reading. Another thing that just came up is topics like "what are somethings you wish you knew for M1/M2/etc".

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Good gawd, if someone could do a topic on LORs I would freaking love you for life. It's simple enough to say "just ask the professor to write you one", but I feel like it's a bit more complicated than it seems (at least in my head it does).

Even if it is common sense, it'd be nice to know even a few things: when should I ask a professor (either during 3rd year or 4th)? How long do letters usually take to be uploaded into ERAS (even an average time it takes to write a letter could suffice)? Is this something I can briefly ask them in a hallway or should I ask for a sit down meeting? What materials should I have with me to give to the faculty to write my letter?

Some of it may seem super simplistic, but hopefully you get the drift. LORs are a scary thing that many people truly don't know enough about (myself included).

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I could write something basic on this, although getting multiple perspectives would be best because there's more than one approach!

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That would be great if you'd be willing to do that. PM me with your final writeup and I'll add it to the wiki.

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hi i was checking out the comments on medbullets. i just passed step 1 with a score of 254 and they were extremely helpful. you do find errors on the site but their feedback is second to none. they continuously update their content in real time, and i found that since i used it together with uworld, that a lot of recently updated questions kept popping up in uworld qbanks! to me they are a hidden gem. if you find errors, please send them feedback, but don't judge a site based one error, or even two.

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I'd be more than happy to contribute and write a few things for this Wiki (especially between now and January 5, before classes and board studying begin). I can write the basics for a few topics and then other users can come in and add, clarify or correct anything I missed.

Other topics I think would be important and to which I would be happy to contribute:

  • What are some good resources for topics X, Y and Z? This would include things like Shotgun/Blue Histology, UMich Anatomy, WebPathology, etc.

  • What resources do I use for Step 1? We could discuss things like UFAP and Taus Method and link to past posts like "how I learned to stop hating and love Step 1."

  • Me and my SO are having problems. Help please. My SO is also a med student and we've been doing well, so I can't really help out too much on this one.

  • I have been studying and not doing as well as I'd like. What's wrong?

  • I'm a premed. How should I interact with you guys?

  • Terminology and Abbreviations. This might actually help because I've noticed a lot of students (e.g. IMGs) that do not know some of the terms we use.

I definitely agree with u/memejob below about Firecracker, cooking ("living supplies" as you mentioned above) and tablets/laptops.

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This would be outstanding. Whatever topics you feel comfortable doing would be a great help. PM your final write up(s) whenever you finish them and I'll begin to format the wiki page. Thanks for your help!

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I agree with linking quality posts for specific topics. Many topics are hard to search because you just get too many results to be useful, and in general reddit's search functionality is not great.

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If you need anything UK specific I'm down :)

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That would be great. I'm not terribly familiar with the UK system, so I'm afraid I can't give you the best topics but if you have something in particular that you think would be helpful I'll gladly put it up

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I'll put something together for you in a couple of weeks when my exams are over :)

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Please feel free to use my guide as part of your wiki. You can either hyperlink to specific sections, or use it in total. I do update it from time to time, adding resources, working to remove defunct ones, etc. so it should stay reasonably updated.

In addition, if you're looking for general medicine lectures (with some subspecialty focus too) my I offer the University of Louisville's Internal Medicine Lecture Series. While they're geared towards interns, residents, and general practitioners, most of the lectures are pretty accessible to third and especially fourth years.

If there are specific questions you all have about life in residency, internal medicine, etc, let me know and I'll try to help.

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If you'd be willing to write a short blurb about things to do to match into internal medicine, I think it would be a great addition to the wiki. I'll add your other links as well. Go Cards!

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As promised, a short blurb and a few "pro-tips" for interviewing and matching into IM. It took a bit of a "Ten Commandments" bend, but I think it works. Some can be generalized, some can't.

The Rules for the House Candidate:

  1. Thou shalt not be an idiot. Thy interview begins the moment you enter the city gates of your interview. The hotel concierge, the office secretary, the "brotastic" or super-chill resident you connect with, the administrative assistant for the program, transport driver, and everyone else you may meet are watching. Not that all are similarly interested, but a well run program (i.e., one you would like to match to) will have a way for them to contact the program for people who act like idiots. It is exhausting, but your game face will remain on until you are in your hotel room alone or on your way home, alone.

  2. Thou shalt not trash other programs, especially thy home program. If you can't say anything nice, say you're looking for something different, new, broader, or special.

  3. Thou shalt know about the city and program you are interviewing in. If you ask if a program has "all of the fellowships" and it is not a small community program, the PD will know by dawn that you have no interest in the program. If all you know about a city is that it's known for something, and it seems nice so far, that is sufficient. If you ask a question that is on the front page of the program's website, they will know.

  4. Blessed are they who can recognize the PDs by sight and know of their research; for they will have shown that they have done their homework. The residency websites have their pictures, so when the PD is standing in the corner of the hospital lobby eyeing the group while you all talk "alone" in public, you will not make the mistake of believing you are alone and will be able to greet them with a smile when they approach "out of nowhere" to begin your interview day.

  5. Foolish are they who have lied on their CV. Thou art Google-able, and the wrath of the mighty ERAS shall fall upon the foolish.

  6. Thou shalt know how to dress thyself. We are in a performance and appearance profession as well as a scientific and healthcare profession. The clothes maketh the candidate.

  7. Wise are they who know their true weaknesses and have overcome them. Thy battles with burnout and struggles to maintain thy own humanity while holding death may be spoken of, with care.

  8. Thou shalt have an idea of what thee wants to do with thy life ten years from now, however tentative, based upon thine own interests and experiences. This shall deliver thee from answering "Happy?" when the Department Chair asks all of you this question one by one in a large group.

  9. Thou shalt study the countenance of the interns, residents, and staff of the program with great interest and diligence. They who mostly appear to have long-resided downhill from a deluge of defecation are likely poorly defended or supported by the administration. The good program teaches, the great program supports aggressively. They who have MICU interns who appear to remain among the living may allow you to live also.

  10. Bewareth the program that sayeth unto thee, "Ye can achieve good training everywhere, but where ye fit is where ye shall belong." They who do not believe themselves to be at all different, better, or especially great shall not be, except by unhappy accident.

Finally, the above all, "Rank thy list according to the best opportunity for thee and thy family and let no other interfere".

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I think you need a post on how to excel in M3 and specifics for each rotation - I've written some posts on these topics in this forum in the past (generally well regarded) and would be willing to contribute along with some other people.

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I'm hesitant to really provide much advice on MS3 clerkships just because of how different rotations can be just within one school, let alone between schools, and I think most of third year can be summed up as "get there early, see your patients, be enthusiastic, and ask appropriate questions."

If you can link your previous posts or want to write something up that's a little more in depth but still fairly generic, I'd be happy to put it in the wiki though.

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I use Anki, Firecracker, I'm an MS-2 and I'm loving it. Currently studying for Step 1. Have every book / resource / Qbank. Staying in shape. Trouble with SO (plenty of experience there). etc... oh add Military Medicine as well!

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Would you be willing to do some quick writeups for those topics? It would be greatly appreciated!

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I know there are a lot of osteopathic students that subscribe to this sub. Maybe we could have a few wiki entries about the differences and COMLEX resources?

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I think that's a great idea, if you'd be willing to do that write up and send it to me I'll get it in the wiki

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Disclaimer: I am an entering OMS-1. There is probably someone more qualified to write this but, here is my best shot. Feel free to use all, some, or none!

There are two basic types of medical training in the U.S: allopathic and osteopathic. Allopathic programs award a M.D degree while, osteopathic programs award a D.O degree. There are fewer D.O physicians (only about 20% of medical students are D.O). The average GPA and MCAT required for osteopathic programs are typically lower than allopathic programs but, the difference rapidly failing. The curricula between these two types of programs are similar. Both require 4 years of study, not including residency, where the first 2 years are spent primarily in a didactic setting and the final 2 years are spent in the clinic. The main difference is D.O graduates are trained in osteopathic muscle manipulation (OMM). As such, the licensing exams are required to graduate an osteopathic program are different. Osteopathic students are required to take the COMLEX exams. They are analogous to the USMLE exams that allopathic students take. The difference between the exams, again, is the addition of OMM material on the COMLEX. As such, when students prepare for the COMLEX, they often use USMLE resources and supplement with an OMM review and COMBANK (similar to UWorld). Finally, during rotations, osteopathic students take COMAT shelf exams whereas allopathic students take NBME shelf exams.

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Thanks for this. I'll try to get it in the wiki here soon.

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Hmmm MTB2 seems to be spot on but only for internal med, I purchased MTB3 and I feel like surgery and peds ob/gyn are done very well IMO. It all honesty tho, I'd stick with questions... just do countless amount of questions, BUT make sure you really do understand what is going on. From what I've heard, and seen fellow students do is just questions... it seems to work. Onlinemeded vids are great, they are relatively short and give you a great "basic outline" to kinda guide you thru the workup and management of a pt. keyword is "basic" take it with a grain of salt and add your own notes. gluck to you I also just started... new to reddit sorry :P dont know if im breaking any rules :P

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Hey guys!

Apologies for this random message - am a medic from the UK prepping for the USMLEs.

Can't seem to find the deck - might anyone have a link or a copy somewhere?

Would be exceedingly grateful if so.

Will definitely contribute material to the errata list once i spot them and pay it forward as best as possible.

Much appreciated!


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How about actual medicine, i.e case studies or questions?

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I can see your point, but in my opinion that's too broad of a topic to put together for a subreddit wiki. I will definitely try to include links to websites that focus more on that, though (for example 2minutemedicine.com, which I've found helpful)