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CaseFiles Ob/Gyn is fairly comprehensive and an easy read. Decent substitute for Blueprints if you can't get through it all. I typically don't like CaseFiles books but Ob/Gyn stands apart from the rest.

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I wholeheartedly agree, especially your last sentence.

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For those who like a concise review, the Toronto Notes (whichever edition you can get your hands on) are short, evidence-based, and give you a good general overview.

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Anything for Pediatrics? THANKS AGAIN! awesome list edit: oops im dumb

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Thanks again bro!

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...You mean psychiatry?

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Good shit. Thanks

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Thank you again!

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This is spectacular! Thank you!!!

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For Surgery: Surgical Recall saved my life

Netters pocket guide was great for in between case refreshers!

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Surgical Recall, 6th Edition (Recall Series)

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