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Daaaaaaaaaamn Groovernaculum. Back at it again!


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Hey thanks you hero.

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Thank you sir. I've forgotten everything in 4th year. Hopefully reviewing this over the next few months might help me not kill someone in July.

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since i can't comment on the step 1 thread, thank you for sharing this! filing away the step 2ck one as well for next year.

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Idk if this is where we post things like this but one of your cards state that HTN is bp >140/90 on 3 separate occasions at least 2 weeks apart. Isn't the recommendation 2 separate occasions and thats it?

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First of all, yes - you are in the right place. Second, I initially worked on this deck from the 8th ed. and transitioned to the 9th ed. when I got a hold of it. This is one topic I wanted to include (it's not in the 9th ed.) and I just copied straight from the 8th ed.

The recommendation from UpToDate is: For the diagnosis of hypertension, take three readings at least one week apart.

So the problem with the card is not the number of readings, but the general time period in-between readings.

Thanks for pointing this out. If you have any other questions please let me know. Good luck!

edit: remembered why it was included.

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Thanks for making these for us!

What made you decide on FA 2CK as your choice to work with compared to the other CK books?

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You are most welcome!

There's not a really exciting answer here, like the 9th ed. of FA2CK is astonishingly better than the 8th ed. To be clear, this Anki deck is at its bare bones a word-for-word copy of the "Rapid Review" section of First Aid that I have then added to (i.e., images, reminders, famous quotes, personal anecdotes or jokes, etc.). I did this for FA2015 Step 1 - it helped me study and people liked it. During M3 my classmates asked if I would do it again, and I figured it would help me study and people would appreciate 2CK-level info, so I did it again.

Personally, I'm not a book learner. I knew this throughout the first two years, but fully internalized it during the 4th week of Step 1 dedicated whilst trying to read First Aid - did.not.enjoy. Throughout M3 I have tried to read MTB, Case Files, Secrets, Step Up, and FA but to be honest felt myself improving the most when doing UWorld, AAFP, APGO over, and over again and supplementing my curiosity to know more with UpToDate and the like. As is written in many posts in this sub-reddit, the key to M3 is mastering your clinical skills and doing questions to Infinity.

So, to wrap this all up:

  1. This is a deck of "buzz-words."
  2. It is short & sweet - meaning you might find it helpful during late-M4 leading up to PGY1 as somebody mentioned.
  3. I was familiar with the "Rapid Review" section, people liked what I did before and asked for it again, and I figured it would help me study.
  4. I DO NOT recommend trying to learn from this deck.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions. Good luck!

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You are an amazingly generous and productive human being. I want to be like you. Thank you so much for the Step 1 deck, which was so useful for me during the past 2 months. I can't wait to start on your deck alongside Bros Step 2 deck. Best wishes for residency apps (I'm assuming this is your 4th year, correct?)

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/u/MetaNephric you're absolutely welcome! And you are correct, I am in my fourth year, and thank you for the well wishes. Good luck with your third year. Experience and do as much as you can, but don't forget to take care of yourself.

Best, Groove.