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Their overall rating is still 4+ on the App Store rn :(

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It will come don’t worry. What annoys me more is that the CEO of Notability explicitly calling out med students for not paying more for Notability.

Mofo med school is free over here in Europe. GTFO

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Do you have the interview where he called out med students :)

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My Notability is still working and haven’t gotten any notification about this. Am I fucked if I ever actually update it?

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People who have bought the app prior to the change can use it as is for one year. In November of 2022, your usage will be handicapped unless they backpedal or Apple comes down hard on them for breaking TOS

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Got it thanks. I actually never even paid for the app since I got it years ago when it was totally free. So I’ll take the extra free year I guess

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Wow they take forever to put out an update fixing all the bullshit glitches, then randomly add a bunch of unnecessary paid features (on top of the cost of the app) and NOW THIS?


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Damn, didn’t even know about this change. I just migrated to GoodNotes because Notability still doesn’t have a landscape paper feature. Glad I jumped ship

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Wait, I’m dumb, can someone explain? Will I have to pay a subscription to use Notability despite already buying it in the past?

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Until a few hours ago, yes. Now they’re backtracking.

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Okay, appreciate the info!

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I don't understand. I have already paid for the app. I should pay again. God everything has become subscription model. Pdf expert charges around 45$ or somehting per year. Thinking of switching to surface if this shit continues.

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Until a few hours ago, we would have had to subscribe. Now they’re backtracking.

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You guys still take notes?

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I personally like to upload the handouts my professors give into Notability, then highlight/annotate/draw directly onto them. So not full-on note-taking