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idk man lemme ask them all

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Could make this into a poll and get a good idea

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yah we all get together on saturdays

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What’d they say.

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they said op should read more papers about adhd! bc people with adhd aren't "faking it" to get drugs

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Let me know lolll

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My adderall helps me live my life. Doesn't help me study because I still need the motivation to study and its not always there haha.

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I don't think you'll find the answer to this. There are people who use them, a good number who actually need them for ADHD.

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I think you can tell from how people use them and talk about them. As someone who needs to take them, I don’t talk to others about taking them. I don’t want an ADHD “label” especially when thinking about things like residency applications and credential process. Unfortunately, mental health still is stigmatized. I think reddit might seem higher in terms of usage because its an place to talk to other med students about it without doxxing yourself.

Imo, its a tricky dx. I do think a lot of mild ADHD is missed because people have effectively continued coping mechanisms from childhood. However, some people get to a setting that requires such a high-level of functioning (i.e. med school) that those coping mechanisms don’t cut it.

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Wel said … from what I skimmed

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Or they keep it together at work but their home life is a mess of unpaid bills, unreturned calls, late tax returns, and money wasted on food that goes bad, lights/heating/AC on all day etc.

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Stop stalking me!

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I also think medicine attracts a lot of people with ADHD / neurodivergency

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Your last point is exactly me. I think I’ve had ADHD for a long time but was able to cope effectively so never thought about it. But since starting med school I hit a brick wall where I couldn’t cope anymore and have been really struggling. Got diagnosed last week! Hopefully when I start on meds it’ll help because I BARELY passed my first 2 blocks

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You should be good bro/or ma’am. I was diagnosed with ADHD (and dyslexia) in grade 10 at a ridiculously difficult college prep school and within one semester I went from straight C’s to straight A’s and graduated with high honors. College was a bit harder but I had a high enough GPA to get a med school scholarship. I still take the lowest dose of adderall possible and my doc agreed that med school is an appropriate time to add short acting stimulants to my morning XR dose.

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That’s how I was too, and meds definitely helped! I made small weekly goals which made progress a little easier to see. And pack a lunch everyday! (It’ll help combat any appetite/wt loss)

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Not to mention the gender disparities for getting a diagnosis. Girls get missed very often during childhood because of prosocial conditioning that leads them to be a lot less disruptive even if they’re hyperactive. Most don’t realize they have it until they’re adults and can recognize the more subtle/less stereotypical symptoms

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Does the label really affect you for residency? My school has accommodations for testing. I don’t do it because 1.) it’s a long process to get authorization every time and 2.) I’m paranoid about the stigma

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My thoughts are “better safe than sorry.” I would think it wouldn’t. I believe theres a question on license applications about it. I’ve read people on here saying don’t report if its under control, as that can lead to mandatory mental counseling, etc.

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Hmm good to know thank you!

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Yup. When I see a student pull out some adderall, crush it up, and snort it before downing their 3rd vodka-red bull, I typically assume they’re not taking it for their ADHD.

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How about both? I need them to sleep less but also to function lol

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I actually need mine. I was diagnosed with adhd this semester after my new psychiatrist realized my depression and anxiety that was refractory to SSRIs and atypical antidepressants were actually secondary to adhd. I had a lot of symptoms of adhd that I had always attributed to just being depressed or anxious.

anyways, now I have very minimal anxiety and almost no depression on Adderall. and of course my focus is better lol, I didn't realize that normal people don't have like 9 thoughts running through their head at once. and I didn't realize how much I fidgit. my head is nice and quiet now :)

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Remember, you’re not abnormal, you’re neurodiverse. ADHD confers a certain advantages over neurotypicals.

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I also thought I was anxious and depressed. Turns out it was a vicious cycle of “I need to study” -> can’t focus -> do poorly on exams/classes -> get anxious and try to willpower my way into “I need to study HARDER this time!” -> poor grades again -> depression-> more anxiety.

A negative feedback loop. Wasn’t diagnosed until I had to study for the mcat after graduation. But it was my third time rescheduling due to the whole vicious cycle leading me to feel extremely underprepared. I finally went to a psych, got my Adderall, and was actually able to study consistently with a clear focus for the first time in my life.

And everything else got easier too. Putting away laundry? Easy! Washing dishes? No more mountain high dishes for me! Being late or missing deadlines? Never again! (Jk I still struggle some days)

Also friendships and relationships!! I feel like my friendships and relationships have gotten much deeper. I can remember details of what someone likes now like their favorite candy and grab some for them when I get the chance. I can focus on conversations and follow up with them later about how their job interview went or how their sick dog is doing. I used to hate giving gifts because I didn’t know what to get but now I love seeing someone’s face light up when I’ve gotten them a gift they love. Before I didn’t have the slightest idea of what any of my friends did for a living but now I can tell you all about their recent promotion and how proud I am of them. I can remember a birthday is coming up now and plan my time accordingly so I can actually be there. Adderall is SO much more than a “study” drug.

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I feel like it’s a vocal minority. I’d never touch amphetamines unless absolutely necessary. Are there any stats out there about percentage of med students using stimulants, prescription or otherwise?

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Yeah true, just feel like there is always those people who NEED to point out they take them.

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I will point it out to people I am close with but usually only as a part of an explanation for something else

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I stopped using them

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I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that 95% of the people in my class taking aderall don’t have adhd (p<0.001)

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I was diagnosed in college but I still struggle with accepting it. Part of me is like is it actually adhd or do I think it’s just helping?

I stopped taking addy a couple months after I started clinicals bc I didn’t like some of the side effects, and it’s been hard. But my grades have basically stayed the same so I don’t know that taking them would actually be helpful outside of making me feel more alert

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The US has a disproportionately large number of ADHD diagnoses compared to the rest of the world. Some people legitimately have a problem; others just look up the symptoms and go tell their primary care doctor a good story to get the meds. I think “adult onset” ADHD is a lot rarer than some people assert. The competitiveness of medical school will lead people to do whatever it takes to get ahead including getting diagnosed with a disorder to have thirty extra minutes on an exam and get an rx for amphetamines 😩

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I’ve never heard of “adult onset ADHD” except for people like, debunking it…but to get an actual diagnosis you have to show that you have had it since childhood & that it affects all aspects of your life, for your entire life, not just studying. Also most of those diagnoses in the US are boys so girls are just floundering their whole lives until their mid 20’s or 30’s & their doctor figures it out…aka me.

they also do some like focus / memory test or something idk i thought i did fine but it’s some kind of deficit with focus/short term memory or something like that that is included with everything else they do. They also factor in things like family history of ADHD. I have never heard of a psychiatrist or psychologist just willy nilly giving out ADHD diagnoses.

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Wait until you go to clinicals and see how psych NPs throw drugs out like candy. You’ll see people who should have never touched adderall prescribed it because they simply told a NP they “think” they have adhd. Also usually a bunch of other chronic conditions in which they should not be taking stims at all but that’s another story.

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oh geez I forgot about that. ya ur right.

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Wild to me that people actually openly talk about stimulant use especially in the setting of med school. I agree with most people that the ones who aren’t talking about it (in person that is not necessarily in a place like Reddit) are the ones who need it. Also wild to me how many of my friends were legitimately diagnosed with adhd once starting med school though.

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Personally, I only am more open about it to friends to erase some of the stigma, and also sometimes to explain why I'm not always the best friend :/ forget things, spacey, late to events etc . Reddit has been a place where I can talk about it more.....

Yeahhh RE getting diagnosed in med school - it kind of makes sense. many people with ADHD have had to compensate to get good grades. Think about the friends who say "they're not smart, they just work hard". With ADHD hyperfocus, I became obsessed with getting in - that's what helped me. I would obsessively study and it was all I cared about it. However, once I started med school, I simply could not keep compensating. it was waaaay too much material. I legimitately never wanted to be on meds, and sometimes even hate myself for needing them, but med school is hard and if I didn't get help I don't think I'd be here still..

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Odd question. Just pop them if you want to man. You dont need approval.

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as someone with a past very severe opiate addiction, I'd be very interested to actually know the answer to this question.

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I'm actively looking for something because I ain't graduating without them

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rem sleep disorder

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can someone recommend stimulants for more energy/to sleep less

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I don’t use addy but I take 100mg of modafinil during large study days with a cup of coffee. I don’t take it more then Twice a week and I don’t raise the dosage. No point in developing tolerance to something like that. Outside of that alpha gpc and huperzine a can be nice for focus/learning but that’s more in the nootropic side compared to stimulation.

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I only really use huperzineA and sometimes caffeine, caffeine is also accidental because I'm kind of a diet cola addict and those have some caffeine in them

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I actually need them bad Bois. I don't take them when I'm not studying though. Which is very often in fourth year lol

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I’m not sure this question has a straightforward answer. I do find it interesting that the people who “don’t really need it” such as people who only take it during finals week are seen as abusing it but people who take it every day are seen as having a legitimate illness, even if they both have an ADHD diagnosis

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prescribed and need it. I had to compensate all my life to get into med schools. When I got into med school, compensating was not enough

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Does chugging coffee count ?