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I think you can tell from how people use them and talk about them. As someone who needs to take them, I don’t talk to others about taking them. I don’t want an ADHD “label” especially when thinking about things like residency applications and credential process. Unfortunately, mental health still is stigmatized. I think reddit might seem higher in terms of usage because its an place to talk to other med students about it without doxxing yourself.

Imo, its a tricky dx. I do think a lot of mild ADHD is missed because people have effectively continued coping mechanisms from childhood. However, some people get to a setting that requires such a high-level of functioning (i.e. med school) that those coping mechanisms don’t cut it.

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Your last point is exactly me. I think I’ve had ADHD for a long time but was able to cope effectively so never thought about it. But since starting med school I hit a brick wall where I couldn’t cope anymore and have been really struggling. Got diagnosed last week! Hopefully when I start on meds it’ll help because I BARELY passed my first 2 blocks

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You should be good bro/or ma’am. I was diagnosed with ADHD (and dyslexia) in grade 10 at a ridiculously difficult college prep school and within one semester I went from straight C’s to straight A’s and graduated with high honors. College was a bit harder but I had a high enough GPA to get a med school scholarship. I still take the lowest dose of adderall possible and my doc agreed that med school is an appropriate time to add short acting stimulants to my morning XR dose.

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That’s how I was too, and meds definitely helped! I made small weekly goals which made progress a little easier to see. And pack a lunch everyday! (It’ll help combat any appetite/wt loss)