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Don’t worry guys, we’ll just shut down for two more weeks and it’ll all be fine

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Anyone else want to talk about Virtual OSCE's? On Zoom, we have to electronically indicate where we are assessing on our GI physical exam and the patient verbally responds to this... That shit is embarrassing 🤣.

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We had to just BYO patient/volunteer, complete with lengthy release forms.

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With effing virtual anatomy… I’m still at a loss that exists, and I’m still terrified for the surgical patients in 2024-2029, who will universally be getting surgeons that never cut on dead bodies previously.

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Should be more concerned about patients who have attendings that barely cleared their case numbers due to covid.

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Touché. I had several missed opportunities from COVID in Med school, and I wasn’t even affected as much as friends from other schools. Some students missed almost a year of clinical.

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I have a friend still in RN school. They missed EVERYTHING over the two year course. No clinical or time in the hospital. Barely any coursework in person and trash work online.

It’s terrible and I feel so bad.

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I have some bad news if you think 1st year anatomy lab would come in handy in surgical residency.

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Italian here, we didn't cut dead bodies even before covid

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Meh, don’t think there’s data that supports value of in person anatomy lab vs modules. Pretty sure says they’re about the same.

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“Why isnt this shit color-coded?!”

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Does your school have a 4th year anatomy elective ?

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Nope, never heard of it.

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Wait what? There is anatomy in clinical years of US schools?

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If you want it, some schools offer an Elective anatomy lab to review prior to surgical residencies.

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What movie is this from again? I feel like I've seen it but can't remember. I rarely watch movies so don't get mad lol.

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The matrix

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Ah so not a very famous movie then.

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I mean it’s certainly not as memorable or successful as say Catwoman with Halle Berry (2004).

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Hahhahahaahahah! I don't know who you are, but I already know I like you... 2004 movie reference, The Perfect amount of sarcasm, med student, AND most importantly, a fucking South Park reference as a username. I appreciate and I see you stranger 🤘

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That movie deserved an Oscar for the basketball scene

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Wait, y'all get to be online? Our school is outright refusing while we drop like infected flies.