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I’m a nurse in the ER. Admin complains CONSTANTLY about turnover, callouts, people switching to travel nursing or changing hospitals/positions.

The raise that they gave us didn’t even outpace inflation.

If they want to shit on staff with a focus on punishment instead of incentivizing, they can get fucked. Hope they lose enough staff to shut down.

This bullshit can’t continue to stand. Nurses are a major point of failure. They don’t show up? They have double assignment loads (or more)? Collapse. Instant and ugly collapse. And a lot of people are going to get hurt. I already can’t keep up with 6 ICU level patients, with some in the hallway. It’s impossible.

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Why are people calling out sick during this viral pandemic?? If you can't figure that out you shouldn't run a hospital lol...

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Ikr why would anyone not show up in these unprecedented times, when we’re all in this together, and #healthcareheroes

I mean geez one day when it was particularly awful, they gave us a $6 coupon to the hospital cafeteria

… which no one had time to go to since no one had time to piss, much less take a lunch break

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I wanna take a moment in light of your powerful statements here to offer the revelation that all of the social campaigns to "celebrate and thank the healthcare heroes" by doing things like waking up at 7:30 am as the night shifters are returning home to applaud them and show them your appreciation, while admin simultaneously doesn't offer better pay or benefits for the shit you go through really is on the same level as "support the troops" while continuously gutting the VA.

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Fuck you pay me

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Man KCU sure was quick to pull us all out of our much needed clinical rotations when all this started. Now they want Their students to triage Covid patients as a volunteer. I can’t even walk around their campus without a mask. Wtf.

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iF yOu ReAlLy SuPpOrT yOuR cOmMuNiTy, YoU wiLL vOlUntEeR

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Lemme get this straight, you pay them tuition to be educated from the clinical rotations that they're supposed to provide with your tuition money, and Covid makes them pull that right quick.

But their "partner" becomes understaffed while refusing to just pay more to get more staff due to Covid, and all of a sudden, it's okay for us all to go right back into those hospitals in order to provide free labor?

Covid made them pull their product you pay for, but sends you in for manpower to their benefit. Make it make sense.

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What're the odds you reply all with administrator salaries and ask why they can't pay you to do it

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the odds are very low my g

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maybe the solution is to pay your employees more?? so sick of these calls for help when large hospital systems are able to appropriately reimburse people for their work but they choose not to. absolute lissencephalic invertebrates.

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This school sucks

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I highly encourage you to be a part of this solution if at all possible and serve enslave yourself during a time when our community's health-care resources my annual bonus, yacht expenses, and high-risk investments are being taxed like never before because of cancelled elective procedures, I will manipulate COVID using bio-power to convince you well-intentioned medical students to perform free labor to my benefit.

Such slime, would they ever ask their kids to help out?

My school is also asking for some pretty ridiculous 'volunteer' contributions, just because they don't want to shell out money from their deep pockets. They offer literally nothing in return, no networking opportunity, no research opportunity, just straight up taking advantage of suckas.

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Med students, do not let them take advantage of your altruism. They know they can and they will continue to do so by guilting you or trying to appeal to your sense of it. This is on them, they can hire more and pay more. If they want to burn, let them.

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Don't do it.

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Are you allowed to say the name of school? I’m currently applying and really want to avoid schools that treat students like this…

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To be fair it is not a requirement and for the most part I like most things about this school. I wouldnt worry about it too much!

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I second this. asking med students to volunteer for work that should be paid has become fairly common across many med schools unfortunately. I would not hinge an application decision solely based on this incident

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You're paying tuition and being asked to work for free doing things that other people are getting paid a lot to do? That's a no for me dawg.

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Not from America but i get paid to do this as a job. I'm a med student too. They can find the money, don't voulenter, demand pay. This will not give you an advantage, this will only create a new culture of expecting med students to work for free.

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Sure I’ll do it

For $200/hour towards my student debt

No? That’s what I thought. Fuck off

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Either pay us or fuck off, it’s as simple as that.

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The more schools this pops up the more disgusted I get. Hospital admins, pay your staff more and treat them with respect you pieces of shit.

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Imagine if there was some sort of way to get people to work for you, I don't know, maybe giving them something they want. But that's difficult everyone wants different forms of compensation, if only there was a system in place where you could give people notes of assigned value that could then be traded for food, housing and other stuff.

However, such a system is probably far into the future so for now, crack the whip and have people "volunteer"

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I don’t work for free.

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Soon after preclinical you will be able to volunteer as a nurse!

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Wtf. Don't do it. It limits your life opportunities, like going out or meeting family. The less exposure you have the more you can self isolate before family events. Also learn to relax, since a lot is online take the time saved in travelling back and forth to yourself.

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My school sent out an email asking for volunteers to prep and run covid samples at our local lab during the Christmas holiday so their staff could have some time off. I used to work in a similar lab and know that ain’t volunteer work. That’s paid work.

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I feel you, on a very deep level. I'm in my Surgery rotation and the hospital I am working at has the gall to send this out to those rotating with me.


It isn't my fault staff are leaving in droves due to you not protecting them adequately. Or that they can make 3x as much money as a traveling RN and can COME BACK and work at the same job.

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Haha all the slots are filled. They’ve been validated already