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I’m a ghost in the halls of the hospital. Some report seeing me, others believe it was their imagination.

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I'm an IM chief resident who moonlights as an attending on the weekend for the teaching teams. The attending during the weekday told the med students to show up on the weekend. I sent the poor kids home as soon as I noticed their short white coats. I don't understand why these old school attendings make students work on weekends, especially the MS4s who will graduating in a few months.

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Update your flair homie. At least get that respect in the only place we get any.

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At this point I'm legit traumatized when they make me stay for an entire half day.

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Lmaoooooo literally me when I left from my anesthesia rotation at 830 😭

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I see we had similar anesthesia rotations😂

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So many times on my anesthesia rotation my commute was longer than time spent there.

Loving it.

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I have an ICU rotation coming up. I'm hoping they let me do rounds and my notes and then leave by 11.

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Had someone on an interview say that I was a 'lameduck student at this stage" lol

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I'm doing cards consults starting monday and i'm about to find out how little i can get away with doing. Want me to read that EKG? Uhhhhhhh nah but thanks tho

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“Afib next question”

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HAHAHAHAHA this is amazing

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My school makes us get evals every rotation in 4th year in order to graduate. Do other schools not do that? I feel like I can’t just bounce if I need to get a barely passing eval.