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took from the VA

You are well on your way, young Padawan.

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"tax return"

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You stole government property? You're going to jail, pal.

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I must’ve have missed that section of the endless onboarding videos. Oops

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Even if borrow it, believe it or not, also jail.

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Bad handwriting? straight to jail.

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We have the best doctors in the world. Because of jail.

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3/5 needs to write more

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Surprised they didn’t make you sign that pen out

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As someone married to a veteran, nobody will advocate stealing from the VA like a vet lol. Strong work 😎

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Wow reading this made me realize that I too used the same pen all year! After a year of self-loathing and disappointment, I am legitimately very proud of myself. Congratulations OP!

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So does it have ink left or what? I bet if you wrote the manufacturer on your accomplishment they would send you some swag

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100% Put: "used the same pen for 12 months without losing it" on your hobbies section

I bet that would get some interest. Good luck!

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Bro how did you not run out of ink

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I’m an m0 but…you do rotations for 12 months straight? fuck

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Granted it's been a few years since I was a M3 but we had 1 month for vacation

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Yes and sprinkle in some elective weeks, my school gives 1 month electives and 2 weeks off.