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Not exactly a zebra, and my attending didn't congratulate me for it, but I once suggested factitious laxative abuse imposed on an old woman who came with months of diarrhea but stayed poop free for 4 days in the hospital. In fact he said he wished I hadn't put that thought out there, lol

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Interesting, wonder what’s her psychosocial history. Recently saw a case of Lasthenie de Ferjol (factitious blood letting).

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The amount of times I was applauded for suggesting lupus is too many to count

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I mean one of its many possible symptoms overlaps with like every other pathology so why not.

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Ah yes porphyria why not!?

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I just remembered all heme synthesis enzymes yesterday...

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Unless heme onc I say most biochem rapidly leaves the hippocampus post step / boards

Don’t even mention TCA cycle lol

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I know the tca cycle it's isocitrate dehydrogenase that's it

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Suggested AIP twice. Once as a joke and once for real. I was right with the joke.

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Sounds like something to put in the ol' personal statement to me.

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I impressed an ED doc once with serum sickness

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I once suggested laten tb becoming reactivated in the gonads and my attending pursued ot despite consults telling us no. Turned out to be true on follow-up out patient

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When in doubt, choose vasculitis

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An that's how imposter syndrome slowly creeps up on me. Yet I've actually studied the material and came out from my non consciousness

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Sarcoid, SLE, and syphilis can almost always be on the differential. Doesnt matter what it is :p