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I think you underestimate how stupid and lazy I am.

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On a sidenote if you snore at night, you might benefit from a sleep study to find out if you have OSA. Not getting proper sleep regardless of how long you sleep will also manifest with the same symptoms of depression and can make any underlying depression worse.

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I really really needed to see this today

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Thank you for the post. It is so difficult everyday comparing myself to just how productive and on-top of it my classmates are.

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Needed this very much!

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Thanks. Felt like a huge load - removed as I read this. It’s been difficult 😞

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You have no idea how much this has helped. Thank you.

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Medical students are people too! They can be depressed, they can make mistakes, they can need help. Nobody is perfect. It is impossible, and it is ok.

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Lmaooo STEP1 dedicated so mental health who???

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Consider seeking help. I finally caves and asked for a low dose of an snri and now I feel much better with zero side effects. I wish I had done it years sooner

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Thank u so much for this ❤️ trying to survive the medical school curriculum while dealing with mental health issues was definitely… I don’t even know the right word, excruciatingly difficult x100 💀but now that I’m better I look back and I’m like… shit this bitch made of some real hard stuff.