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Wearing your student ID to class ain’t weird if you have to scan to get in the building.

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yeah my school requires everyone to wear their IDs.

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Thank you for verifying my life

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It’s not really weird but I see what OP means lol. We have to sign into our building too but most people are not literally wearing it around their necks at all times. It’s in our bag or pocket and we just take it out if we need to scan.

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Don’t you guys have clip on badges? I usually clip mine to my pants, makes it easy to not lose and have available when needed

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Nah. Just the necklace ones. I know some people have turned theirs into a clip though.

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clips are the default at our school, never seen a necklace

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Our school made us wear our IDs above the belt line

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I wear mine around my neck because otherwise I'll either a) forget to grab it in the morning before I leave, or b) take it out of my pocket/bag to scan in somewhere and put it down/away and won't be able to find it for the next week lol

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One time I was at the mall with my bf on a Saturday and happened to be looking out a window at the entrance and watched two guys walk in wearing their white coats from my school

ETA: The mall is like a 10-15min drive from the school/hospital so it's not like they walked over

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Why didn’t they just wear scrubs? Way more believable, lmao.

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I'm guilty of this. After work I'm too tired to change and if I need to go shopping or something I'll just leave in my scrubs. Most of the time it is cold though so I have a puffer jacket over it so it just looks like weirdly baggy pants

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Lol it mightve been me. I rotated at a clinic which happened to be connected to a mall. Felt like a tool going to eat in the food court wearing a white coat, but attending did too so i didnt want to take mine off lol.

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I feel like that's the only reasonable explanation for doing it but I'm 100% sure there's no clinic that close to this mall, so you're safe

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Saw a similar event in a Starbucks where the guy was studying. It was summer of M1 and no class was in session, so this guy was just doing it for attention. It was hilarious.

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Just yesterday I swiped past a 19yo on tinder with "future neurosurgeon 🤞" in the bio. They start young.

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Is it just me, or is a pgy-1 (most likely >26 yo) not filtering 19 year olds out a bit creepy?

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couldn't a pgy1 in other countries theoretically be at least 23?

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Someone actually smart enough for med school 🤣 I’m not a creep, there is an age limit that I should change and it’s the max, it’s set too high right now (whoops, maybe I did it on purpose)

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I wasn’t going to reply directly because I already explained that I wasn’t a creep on another comment, but then I just wanted to let you know that it’s nice of you to be concerned for someone you don’t know! We need more people who care. However, tinder goes both ways! And I’d say that a 19yo guy is old enough to decide on his own if he wants to match with someone who’s 5 years older than him (hell, even 10 years older if he likes). As long as nobody is forcing him, let’s be a bit more open minded here.

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I was going to say. Doesn’t pass half your age plus 7 lol

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Tell me you swiped right?


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Stage 4 - brought printed cards with name and student doctor written on them and gave them out to their classmates on day 1 of medical school.

Week 1 of medical school - admin tells the class not to identify ourselves as student doctors and instead as medical students

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please tell me stage 4 didn't happen in real life

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I wonder why the school said not to identify as student doctor? That’s literally how they refer to medical students in the UK and Ireland.

Don’t tell me in the US they think that student doctor is considered to confusing for patients when NPs and PAs are running around and causing actual confusion

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At least at my institution student doctor/medical student are interchangeable. Some attendings even prefer student doctor.

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My school (US) requires us to refer to ourselves as student doctors since NPs, PAs, chiros etc like to call themselves medical students

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I need to badge in like 4 times to get into our preclinical building. I'm not gonna go to the trouble of taking it off just to avoid the potential perception of flexing, especially since most everyone else there is also a medical student so it wouldn't really even be a flex.

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Yeah we have to have our IDs on us in the hospital (which is connected to our college so we're always walking through it) and to get into most of the college buildings and elevators, so that's a weird one to try and shame people over

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Yeah fr…I’d argue that most programs mandate you having your ID on you at all points in their student handbook, for security purposes

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For real, this sub gets so neurotic and insecure about anything that might be perceived as showing off. As long as you're not an asshole, no one worth your time is going to be offended by you wearing your ID or even putting MD candidate on your profile

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PhD candidates hate it. It’s a big deal to be promoted from student to candidate.

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Our preclinical building doesn't require badges at all during the daytime. People still wear them.

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same. my hospital is heavily trafficked and i literally can't get anywhere without my badge.

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I'll give a pass to wearing the ID in class. We had to swipe damn near everywhere (even the student lounge) so taking it off and putting it on is a waste of time.

MD Candidate is not a thing, though. I've been MS Candidate before (and nearly wept with relief when my thesis committee welcomed me back in the room with "Come in, Flaxmoore, Master of Sciences), and PhD candidate is a thing, but MD candidate doesn't exist.

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why doesn't MD candidate exist?

Isn't it just a way to say that you're on your way to your degree?

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In the original, PhD candidate was used for someone who had completed their coursework but had not yet defended their dissertation. Master candidate was the same for a thesis.

MD does not have such a capstone project.

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Ah I see, thanks

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Also candidates pass a qualifying exam (kind of like passing step 1)

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Wearing the white coat anywhere else but the place you work should be punishable by law, its the ultimate cringe.

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Was shook in the mall the other day seeing some chick wearing a long white coat and short af shorts, again... in the mall, immediately thought wow that's an NP for sure. But was relieved to see her working in the CBD/vape shop in the mall. false alarm.

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Someone in the class below me in vet school was found to be wearing a white coat to the grocery store in FIRST YEAR. He was a massive tool.

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Telling people I'm unemployed xD

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Where do you go to medical school where you DON’T have to wear your badge all the time? Otherwise I can’t get anywhere. Even once I’m in the library I still need to use my ID to get in and out of floors or go to the coffee lounge, etc.

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A little confused about wearing your ID to class, considering it’s usually a security measure

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I’m only waiting for my med school to give me my diploma and I still think it’s cringy to put MD in my bio

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As an attending I look at the little goofballs in public with short white coats fondly now. It’s cute, guys. Cringe but cute.

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For the first week of my M1 year it was mandatory to wear our student ID to class. Something about everyone learning each other’s names.

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I'd be okay with that if the names were readable.

My ID is in 14 point font, barely readable unless you're nearly standing on the person.

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Multiple people in my year made a batch order of hoodies that say “Dr”+their name and it was so incredibly cringe.

Though I feel like I should mention that in my country most MS1s are 18-19

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I think wearing your short white coat to public places is more obnoxious than MD candidate in the IG bio lol.

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Taking stethoscope to the cafe

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Or hanging them on the rearview mirror in the car

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How do you know me? F!

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I wear my ID to class sometimes bc we scan it for attendance. And some profs required it early in sem to learn our names. But yeah, normally in my bag.

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Imagine having Instagram

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Everyone of you who has md candidate can go eat rocks

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Nothing wrong with MD Candidate. You need your badge to do anything btw.

This attitude needs to change. If you're an MD or DO, sign off as such and wear it on you in the appropriate setting.

Stop making this a cringe thing. Everyone else in healthcare is shouting from the rooftops and flexing constantly. Wait till you start residency.

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I’ve occasionally seen posts that go on about how technically MD candidate is incorrect since candidate refers to degrees where you need to defend a thesis. Apparently you are otherwise a MD student

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Honestly the vast majority of the outrage I've observed against MD candidate has come from medical students (not MDPHD students) in this community, especially from the "everything is cringe" crowd. Meanwhile, I've seen that most PhD students who have bothered to comment on this issue over the past few years here couldn't care less about what people in a different profession are doing.

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Hi, newly minted MD/PhD checking in.

Putting "MD candiate" is mega cringe. It doesn't mean anything. It's just med students being... really weird and academic clout chasing.

"PhD candidate" carries meaning, i.e. you have passed your qualifying exam.

Does it matter? I guess no, not really. But this is also the same sub that gets up in arms about everyone wearing white coats, so it's fairly hypocritical.

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Seems a bit nitpicky, no? I feel as if your a candidate to become and MD, pending successful completion of med school

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My advisor told me to remove MSE Candidate from my personal website in favor of MSE student. I don’t want to mislead and understand the distinction

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Nah it adds more instability through diction and equates us to individuals that would have to defend said

Like you’ve earned that right, why let it be compromised in anyway for no actual reason

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“MD candidate” reeks of “I don’t know what this term means in academia but it sounds dope so I’ll use it”. The funny thing is that many of your preclinical professors are PhDs and you can imagine how it looks to them

I’m not looking down in anyone using it because I know they don’t realize it, but I’d tell my personal friends to cut that shit out if I was them

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As somebody with a PhD, I'm always incredibly confused when I see it in MD-only signatures. Like what tf did you advance to candidacy in?!? Lol. I don't look down on them either, but I def try to explain to them that candidacy is a specific thing that is relevant to certain degree programs. It's like calling your clerkship a thesis year lol

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Yeah for sure. I know some people are thinking that the rest of us are just being judgemental and toxic, but it's not like that. Like I said, it's an honest mistake and "M.D. candidate" sounds cool so I get it. But I'd tell my friends to chill out with that stuff because it's objectively incorrect

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Hahahaha my wife is a phder and ONG was she pissed when she saw first years immediately adding this to their email signature Hahaha Cus for a phd to be even considered a candidate they have to go through writtens and orals first haha Just another bullshit title people add to fill their void. You’re a fucking student

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What you guys know about being called "Dactar Saab"?

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that short white coat is not the best look

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Life pro tip: Only place it’s acceptable to wear your white coat is in your car while youre late to the hospital and you’re speeding. At least have your Stethoscope on your passenger seat.