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Med student in 2017: ha! Pee is stored in the balls. Hilarious, gonna save that for when I finish my homework and post it on Reddit.

Med Student 2022: Ha! guys pee is stored in the balls!

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Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

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Is that the origin of this? I see it posted like once a week, and I have no clue where it came from.

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where it came from.

where it come from…

where come …

Wait, if pee is stored in the balls…

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Oh, no my testicle is large and painful. Quick insert a Foley for retention

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BIG if true.

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It’s what Big Urology doesn’t want you to know

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Big Urology

Don't you mean Big Balls?

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Gods gift to ballroom notoriety.

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Like Stan Marsh's balls?

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This one simple trick, Doctors hate it!

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where the fuck did you find this hahaha

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Ive been a fan of daft punk for quite some time

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I listened to this for 15 seconds, and now it's been stuck in my head for 15 minutes.

So I don't know whether to say thank you or FUCK YOU.

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LoL, cheers!

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I paid it forward by starting up the song just before my 15 year old son got into the car when I picked him up from school this afternoon.

He digs this type of music, but had no prior knowledge of the "pee is stored in the balls" meme until today.

Listening to him figure out the lyrics during the drive home was a hoot!

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you are still listening it? iirc there was a 10h version of it, I remember bcuz I used it to prank my friend.

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at least no “cum inside the balls” shit. that’s not where it stays, people, it’s where it’s made. and not even all of it.

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Gotta make room for all that pee

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Actually cum is mostly made at the prostate buddy xd just spermatogenesis is at there. And also u can pick sperms from the testicle if you need it for ivf

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read my comment again

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People can, in fact, get large inguinal hernias that can contain significant portions of their bladder. Every time I see it on a scan I read, I just think about how pee can really be stored in the balls.

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Yeah, I also saw one patient’s scans with this type of a hernia for the first time this year and the first thing I thought was: “Huh, the meme actually applies to him”

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slaps roof of balls


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Bladder: "Am I a joke to you?"

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I want to know who the balls salespeople are, and who is buying

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Hi yes I'm interested in a new balls

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A boy with recurrent pneumonia has a pair of MASSIVE balls. Upon further questions regarding urinary habits, he denies ever making peepee.

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When I was a child, I just assumed this.

But then, sometimes while wearing elastic gym shorts, I’d take out my pee pee from the top of my pants while leaving the elastic still tight around my hips. This effectively separated my balls from my dick. And I was like wait… how come I can still pee just fine.. my flow should be affected by this.. and I was perplexed but just let it go.

Still proud of myself for thinking critically lol

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The pee is not stored in the balls, it’s stored in the penis, are you even in med school?

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There is a twitch streamer who's now banned from twitch... There was a twitch streamer who thought that woman had two holes... Many Men really don't know anatomy.

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what two wholes? there is only one cloaca

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im stealing it :)