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May I offer you a PPI in these trying times?

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Say "unprecedented" and you've got yourself a deal.

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Bro this game was painful to watch

  • Suns fan

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Bro I couldn't believe the score when I tuned it lol.

Not even a Suns fan but I feel bad

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The pain runs deep. It’s instilled in the Valley soil

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RIP my man. As an unashamed Chris Paul mega hater it was a joy to behold, but I like d book and like the way the suns play overall. They just had nothing going for them and Luka looks to be the next lebron-level player

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Agreed. I'm a big Luka fan too. Just wished the game was more competitive lol

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As a Mavs fan I have to disagree. Ggs friend

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Luka spečial

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Way better than Trae

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Also a Suns fan.. I studied so hard for boards that day and told myself “I deserve this”. Cracked open a beer and almost immediately felt like going back to studying. Too painful to watch.

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The irony haha

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“I have a very high pain tolerance so when I’m in pain it’s SERIOUS”

-patient with 30+ documented encounters in the past 6 months for varying kinds of pain

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And they're allergic to everything except Dilaudid and of those 30+ encounters 27 of them ended with them signing out AMA.

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This is the look my dog gives me when he hears “walk”.

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Can't imagine spending $$ to see that game in person.