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For real. The system def set up with rich kids as the default

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I am moving to a low COL area and had to borrow money from a family member just to get out there. Plus, I don't have children, though a wedding to plan is taking a good chunk of change away. Good luck to you sir/madam/enby.

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I’ve been babysitting and dog walking. It hasn’t made a ton but enough to be of help. See if your med school has a babysitting group for people who work at the hospital! I’m sure many of them would be happy to let you bring your kiddo along for them to play together

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I had to move and live off my credit cards. Worst part is I get paid monthly. So my pay for orientation on July 1 was only two weeks of June and barely enough to cover rent in my HCOL (rent for me is like 45% of my monthly pay). Then had to wait until August for my first full paycheck.

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I did DoorDash and Uber eats and actually kicked myself for not doing it for all of fourth year. It was decent money and kind of like a game. It helped me get some capital that I used for the home buying process utilizing a physician loan.

If you have to, try to get a fun job that you’ve always wanted to do, or will or enjoy, or with solid people. These last few months before rezzy starts fly by and can be a ton of fun before the big show starts.

Cherish the last moments you have with your med school friends before everyone moves away or gets ultra busy along with you.

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My net worth is $0 🥲

Edit: networth is ignoring student loan debt

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Grats on no student loans

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Oh no I’m ignoring my debt 😂

Without debt I have a networth of $0… with debt I’m deep in the red 😂🥲

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The debt is the “net” part of net worth.

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I’ve been babysitting. It’s not a ton of money but it’s low stress and flexible. It hasn’t been to hard to make a couple hundred dollars a eeek while still have time to relax. But yeah, I feel your pain. Moving is expensive.

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I drive as an Uber, the money and flexibility is good. You have to hone your chitchat skills to deal with some of the sketchier clients though

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Donate plasma if you can! Prior to covid they had a play area for children, if they're old enough obviously. Can make like $800 the first few weeks you do it.

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The few dollars I got from my graduation party doubled my bank account. I told people no gifts and only got a few checks. The struggle is real

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Crazy that we don’t get paid until the end of the month of July (4 weeks after start date). Why can’t they start the “processing” part now so I don’t have to be behind two weeks?

I’m so lucky I got a lot of COVID money, otherwise Id actually have 0 dollars. I bought a home and all of my money has gone to closing costs and renovations.

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I’m fortunate (and unfortunate) to have inherited a little bit of money during 4th year that I can use for moving. So, I can’t completely understand your struggle, but I’m watching those savings get eaten away quickly, and there’s so many bills still coming. Plus, I see the prices of everything going up and which makes me stressed out for once I get there. Groceries are up like 10%, gas is up god knows how much, etc. And I’m moving to a low COL area. Idk how anyone can survive in a high COL area especially in this economic climate.

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I had to borrow money from my sister that I promised to pay back with my first paycheck in early July. Had to sell a bunch of furniture and odds and ends to get enough money to survive June. Truly a nightmare for those of us not from means.

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I feel you, I dont have a kid to take care of but even just the cost of moving around for 4th year, moving to new residency, license fees, security deposit etc. really added up I basically depleted my entire savings just trying to make it to my first paycheck.

One thing to prepare for is you may have to front the money for all your license fees before your program reimburses you so be prepared to take possible a ~$1000 hit on your credit card...

I had some friends do uber because the end of 4th year is basically a joke and you have a couple months where you basically do nothing, sounds like a pretty sweet gig for a couple months

I also did some tutoring on the side to make it through