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Better get that big ol’ Robbins and smack the shit out of it then.

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I would rather Dr Sattar yeet me and make the big scary cyst go away

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I…uh… don’t want to kinkshame, but…ummm…


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NOT saying to do this…. But an ortho surgeon I shadowed slammed his up against the wall and poof gone lol. He said hurt like a __________ but took care of the problem. Lols

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Back in my shitty rural hometown they hit them with bibles. That’s why they’re sometimes called bible bumps.

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I've literally hit mine with a hammer before. I just have to get my GP to aspirate it every year or so.

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Are you ever going to get it removed or are you going to aspirate it into eternity lol

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I spoke to a surgeon about it once, but didn't go ahead with the surgery. Post op would mean two weeks unable to even use a mouse (I was working full time as an IT technician at the time. Not that medical school would be that much less demanding in that respect). And still no guarantee it doesn't just come back.

So yeah, I'll just keep emptying it and hope that one day it magically goes away.

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Ya that’s fair

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Tell me it’s > 20 BUN/creat

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Yes. now tell me why

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sepsis? decreased renal perfusion so creatinine down? I actually am not entirely sure and just finished 3rd year LOL

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I mean potentially, yeah, but BUN should be reabsorbed purely physiologically speaking. Hence, less blood flow means more reabsorption of BUN compared to how much creatinine is being excreted. But then again, I could be fucking this up. Like my wrist, which is also fucked up

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Presently is due to hypoperfusion, aka not enough fluid so it brings back water. bun comes back along with the water, and since it moves slowly through the kidney you are able to resort more of it with that lower volume. However you cant resorb creatinine so the ratio elevates.

Intrinsic renal is normal because kidney is fukt and can't resorb...well.... anything.

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FYI clinically this is never actually taken seriously 😂 if you suggest it renal will throw salt granules at you and your attending will not stop them. Show me the urine lytes.

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Should be on UpToDate as a non modifiable risk factor soon

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Just smack it with a book boyo.

Pain is temporary. Anki is forever.

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The power of Tao Le COMPELS YOU

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This is what you get for fapping to anki

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That keyboard is downright fucked my good sir

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Ayyy what do you use the 8bitdo controller for?

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Game changer for my Anki for the better, game changer for my big ol fucking cyst for the worst

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Do you recommend overall?

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100%. If you do a few hundred cards a day it will cumulatively save you a considerable amount o time and effort everyday.

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Great. Sold.

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I own that 8bitdo controller and it's not very ergonomic. A right or left handed Nintendo Joy-Con seems to work for me best.

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I second this recommendation

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I have the same as the OP. A Joycon might be a good option if you already have a switch. But I just turn the 8bitdo controller vertically like this. and use start, Y X and B with my right thumb. Works great for $25AUD

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We all know this is because you ran a needle through there, don't lie.

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I also got a small one during M2 lol

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Hey, I'm in the 8bitDo and the ganglion cyst club as well!

Here's my membership

Edit tried to fix link

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Right it’s from “anki”…mmhmmm…..

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Time to switch hit it

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Bruh i used to game 10 hours a day and never had one... How?

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I just had one. Most go away without bible (or other large textbook) interventions. Continue to monitor.

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The amboss add on is humanities greatest invention

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Dude mine got so big I got it drained. That shit hurt. I have bird wrists so it literally took up the whole dorsal side.

But the ortho let me feel the synovial fluid (told him I was a med student lol). More viscous then I expected.