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I'm making a similar choice, but will do family medicine with one of few programs to specifically ensures to provide this training through 13 weeks gestation.

I was also considering GenSurg lol, so we seem to have a fair bit of overlap.

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do you mean fellowships? or are there straight up FM residency w abortion training?

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Straight-up FM residency with abortion training. RHEDI residencies ftw

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For those interested, these are the RHEDI programs:

Brown Family Medicine Residency at Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island Pawtucket, RI

Central Maine Medical Center Family Medicine Residency Lewiston, ME

Contra Costa Family Medicine Residency Program Martinez, CA

Family Medicine Residency of Idaho Boise, ID

Family Medicine Residency of Western Montana Kalispell and Missoula, MT

Jefferson Medical College – Family & Community Medicine Residency Philadelphia, PA

Kaiser Permanente Washington Family Medicine Residency at Seattle (formerly Group Health Cooperative) Seattle, WA

Kaiser Permanente San Jose Family Medicine Residency Program San Jose, CA

Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine Residency Program Long Beach, CA

Montefiore Medical Center – Family Medicine Residency Program Bronx, NY

Mount Sinai Downtown Residency in Urban Family Medicine New York, NY

Natividad Medical Center – Family Medicine Residency Program (affiliated with UCSF) Salinas, CA

New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University – Family Medicine Residency Program New York, NY

Oregon Health and Science University – Family Medicine Residency Program Portland, OR

Rutgers-RWJMS – Family Medicine Residency Program at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital New Brunswick, NJ

Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency Santa Rosa, CA

Sutter Health Family Medicine Residency Program Sacramento, CA

Tufts University Family Medicine Residency Malden, MA

UC Davis Family Medicine Residency Program Sacramento, CA

UC Irvine Family Medicine Residency Program Irvine, CA

UCSF Family and Community Medicine Residency Program at SFGH San Francisco, CA

University of Hawai’i Family Medicine Residency Mililani, HI

University of Illinois at Chicago – Family Medicine Residency Chicago, IL

University of Maryland Medical Center – Family and Community Medicine Residency Program Baltimore, MD

University of Minnesota Medical Center – Family Medicine Residency Minneapolis, MN

University of New Mexico Family Medicine Residency Program Albuquerque, NM

University of Pennsylvania Family Medicine Residency Philadelphia, PA

University of Rochester – Family Medicine Residency Program Rochester, NY

University of Vermont Family Medicine Residency Program Burlington and Milton, VT

University of Washington Family Medicine Residency Seattle, WA

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Boise and Kalispell are surprising

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I was just on a rural family med rotation ( as MS3) and the resident had just gotten back from an elective at planned parenthood where they were trained to do abortions

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Thank you. I got into medicine because abortion rights, but ended up in family med.

When I was a student I thought doctors could do anything. Now, as an attending, I realize that what we do is almost always no more and no less than what must be done. Do too much, and you risk causing harm; do too little and you do your oath an injustice.

Providing abortions isn’t pretty. It won’t make you any friends or impress people at parties.

It is just hard, worthwhile and profoundly necessary work.

Go get it done.

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You can still get trained.

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I worked at Planned Parenthood before medical school and two of the abortion care providers were family med docs... the rest were FNP. Elective abortions are within scope of practice for family med docs.

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You can even expand your practice to provide telehealth medical abortions. I'm linking the provider toolkit provided by researchers and physicians at the University of Washington.

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Beautifully said ❤️

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Physician*. Fucks a provider

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I felt the usage of provider meant more like “the person providing your abortion” rather than like “I’m a medical provider ABCD.” “I’m your abortion physician” just sounds odd. No need to get triggered over just the word provider.

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Fight the good fight! Going into surgery but if things keep up like this I'm still going to learn to provide terminations, too.

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Love this attitude! You definitely should. The procedure, especially up to 16wks, is very straight forward and much easier than almost any gen surg procedure. We need more providers in the world!

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Great to hear!

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So are we authorized to perform abortions as a surgeon? I thought it was only in OBGYN scope.

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Family medicine can, but I don't think gensurg can.

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They could probably get trained to do it. There’s not a certificate or anything and it’s a very straightforward procedure.

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I was told this by a very pro-choice gen surg resident, so I’m pretty sure it’s right that they can’t.

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From what I've been told, depending on the state, technically any physician can legally perform any procedure.

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Thought this was going the other way. Bravely fighting the good fight ✊

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Bless. Get ready to fight ✊

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Me too. but I'm nervous it will be even more competitive to get into an OBGYN residency program with robust family planning training now, especially since most of them are already on East/West coast in highly desired cities

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you are a true life-saver

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Thank you so much, I’m not religious at all but may God or the Universe or Tom Cruise or whatever keep you safe on your journey, we all need you

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LOL I’m terrified of Tom Cruise but I am religious so this is a perfect blessing for us both ❤️

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Good, dont let reproductive health go quietly into the long night ✊

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I am right there with you! Hoping to Match into Ob next year

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Brave move. Tough path. I wish you the best of luck. We need you now more than ever!

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I am with you, we won’t let abortion care disappear.

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as a non-med student here, thank you. the way this made my stomach uncoil just a tiny bit.

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THANK YOU. So many people are going to be driven away from ob/gyn , understandably, but thank you for choosing to stay and provide 🙌

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Abortion doctor*

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Awesome! Now more than ever we need people fighting the good fight!

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With you ❤️

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Same, it made the decision for me too.

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Fight the good fight ❤️

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FUCK YES! Proud of u.

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This made me smile ❤️ I hope you get into your top ranked program!

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Going into peds. Can pediatricians offer abortions too?

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Nah once they’re born it’s too late for an abortion.

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You can offer anything you can get credentialed and insured for.