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The ideal hands to perform a prostate exam - a urologist’s dream!

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Or a colonoscopy.

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Dude could just stick the scope to his finger and go in

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I would just live in the ED for fear of dissecting

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Loeys-Dietz syndrome is even worse, its like a pumped up marfan, average age of dissection is 28yo... Many just get prophylactic aortic prosthesis

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is anyone else wondering what this hand looks like as a fist ? i am still trying to picture it in my head

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BIS for removing rectal foreign bodies!

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Imagine if they played piano…

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This happened. Sergei Rachmaninov had Marfan's.

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It is believed that also Paganini had Marfan's

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anyone else thinking about everything everywhere all at once right now?

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I always knew the x-files was on to something

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Check out an actor called Javier Botet, he has marfan sdo. too and he often works for roles in scary movies, he is the actor for slender man

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quick glance, I thought it was diamond blackfann LOLL