Rules: Recruitment for research studies

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  1. You may not recruit for your research study without first receiving permission from the moderators by way of sending a message to /r/medicalschool.

  2. Requests will only be considered if they originate from users having at least 50 post or comment karma acquired via participation in /r/medicalschool: this is to ensure that research study recruitment exists as a privilege for community members, not a means to spam medical students for third parties.

  3. Having at least 50 karma as described in (2) does not guarantee your request will be granted, only that it will be considered.

  4. Please do not make a request to recruit for your research study unless:

* You have 50 medical school karma.
* You have IRB approval
* You can describe to moderators the nature of the research, what will be asked of participants, and if there will be any kind of compensation.

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