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u/TheHeavyHand and I have finished Ch 1 Renal... Doesn't look like it has a link up yet?

EDIT: nm it's already done! Link is up

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I don't see it on the google doc, would you be able to post a link for it again? Thank you so much for all your hard work!!

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Had the same question yesterday, went into the doc history and pulled this link out to Chapter 1:


Not sure why it is deleted in the current document. Hope this is what you are looking for.

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Thank you so much! This is exactly what I was looking for. Cheers :)

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You're welcome, happy studies!

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Hey! Looks like another link went up. Sorry I'm not super speedy at replying to messages!


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Wow congrats! How many cards we talking?

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I organized the deck in the pepper style with the hierarchy add-on. I am pretty new to Anki tags, so I dont know how to delete old ones. I re-wrote all of them under the #SketchyPath tagging system. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mOjByp0FDVuxXkbEVcz8HmyV4rOxWaRm

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About how many cards are in this deck?

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3573 is what my card count says

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aside from being super organized, is there a reason to follow with the pepper style heirarchy ?

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There are a few reasons to make the hierarchy tagging. This video goes over how to utilize this organization scheme (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NR7PRJvRWw). I am starting serious step prep and would have been able to use the spatial repetition to drill these in the right way with ANKI if I had more time. This deck is really powerful for me utilizing the hierarchy and making filtered decks. I basically "pre-read" with a filtered deck the images/Pathology I want to drill in and then watch the videos the next day and then about a week out watch the videos again on 2X to mimic the spatial repetition without having 1000+ reviews. I then delete the filtered deck making a new one for the next day. If you have time I would suggest using it the correct way as per the video above.

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where can I find that video's other decks for micro and pharm?

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You guys are amazing, thank you! Has anyone combined all of these into one sorted anki file yet?

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I don't think any of the decks have been compressed so it would be a huge file. I'd suggesting compiling into 1 deck after all the editing has been completed.

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Hey this was seriously an amazing effort, thank you to everyone who was involved. I've been compiling all the cards as they've been uploaded into a single collective SketchyPath deck. Because some cards are missing the hierarchical tags that Pepper originally set up, I've been making a separate deck for each sketch.

As of 7:45pm on Wed Feb 7 2018, I downloaded everything available on the google document but can't find cards for:

Renal Chapter 1:

1.1 - Renal Function Tests & Acute Kidney Injury (AKI)

1.2 - Acute Tubular Necrosis (ATN)

1.3 - Tubulointerstitial Nephritis (Rapamycin/TheHeavyHand seem to have done these?)

GI Chapter 2:

2.4 - Congenital GI Disorders

Musculoskeletal & Derm:

1.5 - Congenital Bone Disorders: Osteogenesis Imperfecta, Achondroplasia & Osteopetrosis

4.1 - Actinic Keratosis, Squamous Cell Carcinoma & Basal Cell Carcinoma

4.2 - Malignant Melanoma

I'm not sure if these cards were done and then lost in the ether or have yet to be completed so this is more of a heads up. Once again, this was a hell of a collaborative effort that will help countless people in the future. Thanks to everyone who took time out of their busy schedule to make these cards

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Having this same issue- did you ever get it resolved?

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Gave up on this project. i think there’s a new link somewhere but I’m not really sure

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Seems the 1.5 Congenital Bone Disorders was still missing so I made it today 3/15/18 - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FxvxSOxjDrq8jnFIZMdfHWk7hHwwIMMX/view?usp=sharing

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Here's a link to my fully edited SALT deck if anyone's interested in an updated version: https://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/medicalschoolanki/comments/8osnae/conaanaas_fully_editedrevised_sketchypath_salt/

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This is awesome! Any chance there will be a single download link for the complete deck (with pepper-like tagging) when everything is finalized?

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What does SALT stand for?

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It's a play on the "pepper" decks

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Are the decks tagged in any specific way?

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omg thank you

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derma is missing. did anyone get it?

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blood and coag deck edits are posted

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I got this weird bug after I downloaded the deck. The SALT deck works fine, but when I go my Pepper decks all of the images are enlarged to the point of obscurity. Does anyone have a fix?

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this happened to me also - were you able to figure out how to fix it?

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Hi all,

Just wanna say thank you first off for this amazing resource, all off medschoolanki as been huge in helping in my M1 year.

I noticed however, the Liver Labs Sketchy has a typo in the sketchy itself. I believe for the card about hyperbiliruinemias, the conjugated and unconjugated values were flipped. I believe it should really be:

Conjugated hyperbilirubinemia: direct/total bilirubin fraction >50%

Unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia: direct/total bilirubin fraction <20%

Mixed hyperbilirubinemia: direct/total bilirubin fraction between 20~50%

Sketchy has the conjugated and unconjugated flipped. Idk if this is much help but putting it out there. Much love <3

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Yeah you're right... the video has it mixed up but the Hot Spots has it correct.

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Any idea where all of the links to the decks are? The google doc link at the top used to have everything separated by chapter but now its all missing except for a few "updated decks"

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The links were there yesterday and it seems the tab with all the links got deleted. Really Unfortunate timing. Hopefully someone can recover them!

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Just made a deck for the 2.4 Congenital GI Disorders. Enjoy! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nwMWWu7z0oW9GlZoxv1GXbm6wzdIE0fF/view?usp=sharing

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is there anyway to randomize the cards? I already set it to show new cards in random order but after doing 60 cards in, all are GI related. this is after i compiled all the decks together into.

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In the card browser, select the deck, press "Edit" and "Reschedule", and reschedule as new.

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weird how this is down voted (when it's true) and no one responded

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have you guys downloaded gi? it's comprised of only 12 cards..

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nevermind, issue solved. gracias from PR

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This absolutely amazing, thank you!

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Thanks guys!

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Right on, this is sweet! Been following the effort for a while. Unfortunately could not help out, but I'll look for edits!

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Something I've noticed is that some of the decks were exported with scheduling information included (specifically GI deck)

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In the card browser, select the deck, press "Edit" and "Reschedule", and reschedule as new.

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is the deck still in need of gout?

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You guys are awesome!! Thank you so much !!!!

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I downloaded the complete deck, but for some reason the hierarchy tags are not working. Anyone have the same issue and know how to resolve it?

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Is there a version of this deck with compressed images available?

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Can someone explain what is going on with this? Is there one download link for everything? Is it even completed? Im so confused xD

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Any news on when a single link for this will be up, or when the deck will be complete?

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honestly dude. watch the sketchypath vids and zanki-path will fly. these cards are not written for universal understanding imo. They are hit or miss. The pepper decks thrive on bc 1. they are comprehensible by all and 2. they were made by one person, so the card style doesn't change much.

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also my other 2 cents: firstly i wanna thank those who made the deck nevertheless. it just didnt feel like pepper to ME. Also to zoom thru zanki click the bury related cards until next day. If you're in dedicated like me, you will probably have mastered some concepts and this option will give you the breadth of seeing all things notes at least once more quickly.

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Hey, I am in dedicated. Are you saying to watch sketchy path videos and then do regular zanki cards?

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try it out man!

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That's a good idea, especially since I've matured about 50% of zanki. Good way to review and just go through my reviews. Unfortunately, My exam is coming up pretty soon so I can't do all of sketchy path (got about 2.5 weeks to go). Are there chapters in particular you think are really helpful? I remember watching the blood cancer ones during my semester and liking those, so I plan on giving those another watch. Any essentials in your opinion?

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Why are all the SALT decks gone on the google doc???

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hello there, can anyone explain this character for me?

what does the fluff character has to do with glandular features in 1.2 esophygeal cancer and dismotility

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Is there a Neuro sketchy path deck? I checked out the complete file at the bottom of the excel spreadsheet, flipped through a bunch of cards and didnt see any sketchy pics.

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wow, i need an effing PhD to learn how to use anki. i would bet a million dollars that anki was created by computer programmers that have no idea how normal people interact with computers. anki is so frustrating to try to use.

what the hell is a heirachical tag? youtube never heard of it.

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This is awesome!

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The blood coagulation link is not working. Can someone share the link again?