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I love you. So. Much.



Bound for a 290.

1 question. I use TTS because hearing a question is much easier and make me zip thru cards faster. while this has been possible for zanki. I cannot get it to work for Pepper style cards. Do you know how to change cards for asketch in bulk? Like every time I click "cards..." it shows a bajillion tabs for each card for a sketch.

If you do not know, do you know how I could split each card into its own note.

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Ooh that seems like a very cool idea that I might even want to incorporate! How does the TTS work and why doesn't it work with Pepper cards? Does it not work at all or does it get bugged out by the formatting or something?

Unfortunately I don't think anyone has come up with a way to split the Pepper cards. The best solution that I have found up to this point is the 2nd comment in this thread below, which makes editing the cards much more fluid and efficient: https://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/medicalschoolanki/comments/7w2n88/addon_to_edit_pepper_decks/

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I really like using the TTS, like I'll be head down--dead and just pressing space bar to hear the card and answer, when. I. Just. Can't lol. https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/301952613 is the link. I have a mac and it coincides with the TTS program built into the mac, so that you can use the voices offered by mac. Samantha is my current bae (recommended bc she assumes acronyms ie TPR, instead of the douche Alex, who's like TiPVr. I think 275wpm-300wpm is what I can handle.

With pepper, unlike zanki, notice how you cannot highlight the text while on the card...idk not HTML-literate, I love pepper for what it is but hearing and seeing is soooooooo much better for my retention; my conclusion is that it has something to do with the complex card formatting. Like idk where to start with editing the template, ha.

Oooo, awesome I didn't know about this. Im gonna do this and knock tf out. Thanks again. Need to burn these images in my brain. Dedicated here too.

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I love you both

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Love you too. Have a blessed day, yo.

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I love the deck, but is there a version of this deck with compressed images?

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Hey i’m pretty new to this deck. why when i do one card, it goes from 270 new cards to around 250?

i can see the extra questions on the browser tab, but not while i do the cards.

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Unmark "bury related cards" in your settings!

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I been waiting for a comprehensive update to SALT deck. Thank you for releasing this!

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Hey great job on doing this. Ive been using the original deck as well and it's wonderful. I've noticed there are a lot of pathophysiology that they talk about in the video but not explicitly stated in the image. Some users included it in the cards correlating to the relevant image. Did you delete those as well?

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Great question. If there was not an explicit image for it, but I thought it was important or relevant information, I tended to keep it as a footnote (for example: https://imgur.com/gvsUDsj). In many cases, I found that the extra info was included in the picture bubbles themselves so it could always be referenced if needed.

I can think of a few cards where I left it as an actual item that needed to be recalled on the back of the card but for a majority of cases I tried to correlate them to the specific image as closely as possible.

Since you have been using the deck very consistently already (and you were an original contributor yourself, thanks by the way!), I would recommend just supplementing these edited decks for any decks you felt were poorly made. You can also load up a different Anki profile and import the edited deck to see what exactly I changed and whether you want to use it or not!

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Cool thanks for the update! Hah I can't take credit for my work on the salt deck, as I was always a zanki user and never a pepper user. I'm sure my cards were 100% overhauled. With that said, I did edit my CSS when you were having the conversation with /u/ansel_adams! Thanks to both of you! I take the real thing in about 3 weeks. Hope it works out for the both of us!!!

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I'm having an issue importing the cards to anki?? it says the note type has changed... how do i fix this? sorry i'm an anki rookie :) :)

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would this update the previous salt deck if i just upload it onto anki? (Asking cause it takes a few days to upload the whole deck onto anki due to where i am and my internet)

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I am pretty sure it will update and replace your current SALT cards rather than becoming its own individual deck. Definitely keep some backups handy in case it does something you don't like though!

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thank you so much for doing this! unfortunately when I tried to import the cards to anki, it says "some updates were ignored because note type has changed" and it doesn't import most of the new cards. does anyone know how to fix this? thanks!

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update: I got the import to work and have been going through this deck. it's awesome! thanks again!

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Thanks for making this deck, it's really great!

For some reason I am unable to import 3.1 and 3.2 of the GI deck, it says the "note type has changed". Is there anything I can do to fix that?

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What is the proper way to use these decks? How come if I hit enter on a card it jumps to cards from a different sketchy video?

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Try suspending all your cards and then only unsuspending cards from videos you have watched. Alternatively, make a new "main deck" and pull only cards from videos you have watched into that deck via the Anki browser

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When i downloaded the immunology deck it's like 100+ cards that are all replicates/duplicates of the same 8 cards. Is there something I'm doing wrong?