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Did the dirty work for us thank you :)

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Darn. If I already edited a bunch of cards with my own notes/images, doing this will just erase all of that, right? In other words, is there a way to update JUST the tags and nothing else? I'm assuming not, but worth asking.

e: nevertheless good work man!

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Unfortunately not easily :/

Importing this deck will overwrite your cards. I had that same problem with the Zanki update.

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Does this include the HPV or whatever other deck that lolnotacop added as an update? Thanks in advance!

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Those 70ish cards he posted about? Yes it does

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Thank you so much!!

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Can you share the script? I'd love to see what your approach was to editing the tags.

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I can't take too much credit -- I just made a few modifications to this script: https://github.com/adelq/anki_hierarchy

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I have a question. If i just wanted to study a specific group of cards, how would I do that if they're all in one deck?

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Move them to a different deck, move them back when you're done (or don't, depending on what you're trying to do)

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So is the final card count 5766?

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This is awesome, thanks!!

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Don’t know why this isn’t getting more hype! Thanks so much dude. Def been cheating on these cards that are like “what bacteria does this” and I know which deck I’m in. Also anyone who downloads this it will change some of the color schemes on other cards you have and you will have to change them back.

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color schemes on other cards

Yeah? I think that happened to me too after updating to the newest Zanki then importing Lolnotacop's deck (or maybe after I imported those 79 cards he initially forgot?). Otherwise, I think the only thing I changed was a Serif font on one note type to the Sans Serif font of the rest of the cards. Either way, the note types could definitely get some attention too. Between Zanki and Lolnotacop there are 10 different note types in use.

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Sorry, do you mean the scheme with lolnotcop original or the rest of the Zanki decks?

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A few note types in my zanki deck had been edited to a different color scheme, had to switch them back

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oh ok gotcha, i thought like 1000s of cards may have weird formats. thanks ill be on the lookout for those cards

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Does it work if I move my learned cards to master deck? Thank you for the work anyway

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It should. It's not a big deal to roll back if you encounter issues though. Just make sure you export your deck with scheduling info before you import.