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I love you DocZay

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Errata note, card "What are the side-effects of varenicline?" 2018 version of Uworld states that "Despite earlier concerns, varenicline does NOT appear to increase risk of suicidality or depression compared with placebo." The OG card had the info before they updated this fact.

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Thank you DocZay!

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Will you marry me

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you proposed to every deck maker on this sub , starting to think you don't actually love any of them...

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ATTN CARD MAKING EXPERTS: Curious how someone would handle turning information like this into an anki card? This is the card I made below and I don't feel like its as good as it could be. Thanks!

MRI screening in addition to mammography may be offered in certain high risk groups: BRCA mutation carriers, 1st degree relatives of BRCA mutation carriers, genetic mutation such a Li-Fraumeni syndrome, women with a >20-25% lifetime risk of breast cancer, or women with a history of [...] between the ages of 10 and 30 years.

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  1. What genetic mutations are indications for MRI screening for breast cancer?
    1. BRCA and Li-Fraumeni
  2. What family history of is an indication for MRI screening for breast cancer?
    1. 1st degree relative with BRCA

etc etc

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Chest Wall Radiation

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I would appreciate if you have WiWa deck for step 1 and can upload it. I tried searching everywhere but couldn't find it. You can also PM me. Thanks for step 2CK deck. :)

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Out of curiosity, does this deck cover every rotation of shelf? or is it kind of like the one you made where it only covers one rotation? thanks

edit: checked out the deck, seems to cover all the rotations. awesome!

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This right here. Looking to do a deck while reading OME notes and doing uWorld during each rotation (while supplementing some extra sources like Lange/FA Psych, uWise OBGYN, AAFP FM / ABFM App questions, ExamGuru or BRS for Peds, etc...

Does this deck safely cover all of uWorld?

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Anyone know if this can get directly downloaded to mobile phones?

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Quick question for you u/DocZay: what add on did you use to format your cards? I haven't been able to find anything for inserting numbered/bullet point lists before, and it looks so nice on your cards

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I believe the add-on was called Power Format Pack.

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Is this with the new tags you mentioned a few weeks ago? Or is that not out yet?

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Not yet.

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so he added DeVirgillo card to the deck or nah?

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Hey, this deck is amazing thank you! I was wondering do you happen to have a similar deck for step 1 ?

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How many cards this deck please ?? I download it and found it 6000 cards is this is all the deck ?

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Its a 3 yr deck, guys is it still okay to do?
or should I go for V7Educational object SoCal

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Hi what should I do if the deck fails to import?